Indulge in the All New Premium & Authentic Straits Kitchen Laksa from Nissin in the Most Convenient Enthrallment !

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I ever tried making my own Laksa from scratch at home as you can see from my recipe here. It was a long and laborious process, having to cook the broth right from the beginning and allowing it to simmer for hours thereafter. But it was an effort well paid off as the whole family of laksa lovers love it to bits !! And surprisingly, the old folks even complimented saying that the Laksa actually tasted even better after the broth was re-heated and consumed in the later part of the day ! So it seems that the longer it was simmered, the more delectable it was.

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But imagine how tedious the whole process was, especially the numerous steps and long hours of broiling needed. And if you were to ask me whether I would cook this from scratch again, yes I would, but only on a day where I probably need to feed many mouths at one go and that’s also provided I have plenty of luxury time to spare.

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So what would you do if you have that Laksa crave all of a sudden, needed a quick fix and Katong just seems too far away ?? Would a quality Laksa in instant form serves a good fit ?

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Nissin Foods recently launched their first instant noodles in authentic Laksa flavor that comes with the finest concoction of dried quality morsels and spices, coconut milk and tactfully infused with real shredded laksa leaves as a separate condiment, yet in an instant form in a bid to win the hearts of all Laksa lovers !

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Termed as the Nissin Straits Kitchen Laksa, this all-new creation is inspired by the Straits Settlement era to represent the heritage of this traditional dish being brought down from generations prior. 

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This quick fix takes you no more than 5 minutes to scoop up and instead of travelling all the way to Katong now, you can have your favourite dish in the comfort and convenience of your home anytime from now !

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I am pretty in awe of the shredded laksa leaves that’s inclusive in the pack which is as good as the real thing and gives an additional boost to the authentic taste. Other than the noodles that seek to differ from our usual thick beehoon or yellow noodles, the laksa paste and spices is infused with the precise ingredients that’s made to satisfy anyone who’s fussy about their pick. 

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What’s more, you are freed to opt it with any extra ingredients that you will delight in, be it with more seafood, eggs, fishcake or tau pok. And here’s how I re-infused this local delight in a quick fix, served alongside with fresh large prawns, Narutomaki (Japanese fish cake), some fishballs with egg roe and hard boiled eggs.

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The Nissin Straits Kitchen Laksa retails at SGD$10.95 for one bundle of four packets and is available at all major supermarkets and hypermarkets from now !! Be sure to grab one to try it out !! 


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