People who knew me know that I have a serious penchant for online shopping. The feeling of unveiling parcels makes me very excited, especially when I saw all my favourite stuffs coming to me in a bulk. I get to unfold one pressie after another and the thrills of it all, especially after seeing my online shopping loots turning physical, is undoubtedly my source of retail therapy. So when Gifts Hampers Singapore made this special hamper delivery to me, you can further imagine my exhilaration, especially since it’s a huge one that comprises of many smaller details within it and I get to unfold them delicately bit by bit in just awesomeness.


Unlike our traditional hampers in the olden days, where we only get to see them namely during the festive seasons, in bright red or green colours and usually in a pyramid cone shape, the hampers wrapping nowadays have evolved to such an extent that’s way beyond it being called a hamper. Instead, I would think it’s probably an artistic piece where you need certain level of skills to put everything together and in an exquisite display that goes beyond its original intention.


No longer the outdated pyramid shaped, Gifts Hampers Singapore have included detailed modelling and design of their hampers outlook by catering to the younger and more outgoing generation. Appearing in my beloved Zakka inspired design, the hamper is enclosed in a similar styled rattan basket which carefully encased all the details within neatly.


No longer are the standard off-the-shelves snacks too, what you will be able to find from the hamper comprises of more premium goodies, from true-blue hand-made cookies, candies to almond biscotti and rich chocolate truffles. Aren’t these being the exact delights of what’s in the trend now ?   


As I always said, first impression counts, more especially so if you are intending for the hamper as a gift be it to your loved ones or for corporate purposes. Be sure to look out for an exquisite and impressive hamper design that can truly showcase the pose and style for the occasion.


In that fashion, Gifts Hampers Singapore offers numerous hampers designs for varied occasions, from luxury, festive to special needs. On top of that, they are also offering free delivery 7 days a week so that you would never have to fret on not knowing or where to get that last minute present before the occasion.


Logon to Gifts Hampers Singapore at  https://gifthampers.com.sg/ghen/ or their Facebook  page here for more informatiion ! And since Father’s  Day is just around the corner, how about considering  to get one for the King of the family !! 

 Have a happy hampering time !! :)


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