Collagen Packed Creamy Chicken Ramen by Torimaru from Ramen Champion

One of the quite rare times nowadays that I attended a food tasting !! Though I didn’t get to enjoy the dishes as a big group with much variety, but it was overall a good enough experience to be able to try out 3 of the signature items from the latest menu from Torimaru at Ramen Champion.


As many of us knew, much of the Japanese ramen we had, stems from a pork broth. But for those who do not consume pork, won’t they be missing out the chance to enjoy this popular Japanese cuisine ? Taking this into careful consideration, Torimaru came out with a series of ramen speciality where the chicken chicken occupies a strong foothold in its new menu.


What I find most interesting from the new set of offerings is perhaps the Special Chicken Tsukemen (S$16.80). The ramen soup is served separately from the noodles, a presentation that much resembles our local bak chor mee or fishball noodles in dry form. But rest assured, you do not have to decide if you want chilli or tomato sauce ! The only decision you have to make is probably the need for a more or less salty broth and an Al Dente or softer noodles which could be customised to your preferences !


Here’s how you gotta enjoy this dish, dip the noodles into the ramen soup and enjoy it together by spoonfuls. The Japanese chefs who often had to attend to business, even in the midst of their meal times, often had their ramen noodles turning soggy after they go back to their meals thereafter. Hence, this idea was evolved by separating the two, so that they get to enjoy their best ramen anytime.

I wasn’t quite accustomed to eating ramen this way on first instant and find it a tad salty at the beginning, but as I dipped and eat more, the flavours start to blend it and I am glad eventually it was still quite an appetising and pleasing dish. 

Serving ramen on a strictly NO PORK and NO LARD condition meant that essentially everyone and anyone can get to enjoy this delectable favourite from the Japanese. Especially in a multi-racial country as Singapore, a one for all cuisine is of utmost importance to allow for the greatest coverage and expansion into the community. 


As a latest ramen fad in Japan, Torimaru is quick to capture this new trend and bringing in into the local scene with its Tori Paitan which typically stands for Creamy Chicken Soup. Packed to the brim with collagen that’s extremely nourishing, the creamy white broth is simmered intensely for more than 10 hours with chicken feet and 5 different kinds of vegetables. 

But else, if you are not those who are into new fads as above kind of ramen, that’s also the Special Chicken Ramen (S$16) in rich chicken soup served in the traditional form.


Now having just ramen seems too plain without any side dishes, isn’t it ? Even though I wasn’t able to enjoy the food tasting in a big group, but I was quite privileged enough to be able to enjoy a few dishes still, including the Chicken Nanban (S$8). I must say, I can never resist anything fried chicken ! Never !! LOLs. The organiser seem to be able to see through my this “weakness” and allow me a go at this very delectable side dish !! Crispy fried chicken served in a Chef’s special sauce, that I reckon consists of perhaps mayonnaise, wasabi and more.


Now if you are game for something new, love pure chicken goodness and not be able to enjoy pork ramen for whatsoever reasons, do head to Torimaru located at Ramen Champion Bugis+, Great World City & Terminal 3 ! For all you know, you might be loving this so much that you would make good of this as your favourite ramen choice from now on !  


Torimaru is located at Ramen Champion at the following locations:


201 Victoria Street, Bugis+ #04-10

Singapore 188067

Tel : 6238 1011

Great World City

1 Kim Seng Promenade,

Great World City #01-22

Singapore 237994

Tel : 6235 1295

Terminal 3

65 Airport Boulevard, Terminal 3 #B2-58

Singapore 819663

Tel : 6214 2958

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