Summer Palace (Regent Singapore) Steaming up Savoury Delightful and Nostalgic Sweet Glutinous Rice Dumplings for the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival

As you can noticed from my blog, I have never attempted making my own dumplings ! Well, it’s not that I don’t enjoy this once a year delicacy, but rather I often have difficulty in finishing even one whole dumpling by myself (of course, with the exception of those mini ones!). And if I were to make them, I am sure there will be a whole batch of all waiting to give away or dunk them down ourselves. Plus, I am those who prefer a variety of flavours even when in dumplings, so to make life easier, I would choose to savour-hop different types of dumplings to satisfy my cravings instead.

And this year, with much appreciation to the kind folks at Regent Singapore, I get to savour as many as 3 different flavours from their new and renowned dumplings selections ! So with much excitements, I shall share my bits and pieces on these 3 flavours for your considerations ! 

Summer Palace_AbaloneD_1

Let me begin with my favourite which is also the hotel’s all time classic and that is the Abalone Rice Dumpling (鮑奐果蒸粽) !! This dumpling is bustling with all the premium goodness that comes off as black mushrooms, chestnuts, green beans, dried scallops, roasted duck, salted egg yolk and one whole piece of abalone by itself. Serving it together with abalone sauce, this traditional glutinous rice dumpling is nevertheless a delicacy that best signifies award winning Summer Palace Restaurant.

Summer Palace_AbaloneD_3

And what I so particularly love about this dumpling has to be the abundant fillings that almost surpasses the amount of glutinous rice. This plus point makes every penny worthwhile and every consumer delightfully contented with their choice. Most of the traditional dumplings are commonly enriched with pork slices but this all-time favourite is packed with my beloved roast duck instead !! Well, I never knew roast duck can taste so succulent in dumplings too for once !!

Summer Palace_AbaloneD_2

When I was younger, I never knew how to appreciate dumplings, with the exception of “Kee Chang”. “Kee Chang” is often served with sugar and as a kid, I guess the sweetness from the sugar is what attracts me more than anything. I believe that little attraction still exists in me subconsciously. When I first set my eyes on the Black Sesame Rice Dumpling (黑芝麻茸枧水粽), I knew I couldn’t resist it either.

Summer Palace_BlackSesameD_2

Especially when I saw the sugar and honey that was served alongside with it, I could literally hear my sweet tooth crying out for it instantaneously !

Summer Palace_BlackSesameD_3

In addition, black sesame paste that is often served as a Chinese dessert, is also wrapped within the dumpling like how a tang yuan is liked. It’s undoubtedly a sweet and comforting choice that warms the heart of whoever you are going to serve this to !

Summer Palace_BlackSesameD_1

Last but not least, we have the Crocodile Meat and X.O. Sauce Rice Dumpling (酱爆鳄鱼肉果蒸粽). Now do not be intimidated by the impression of crocodile meat if you have never tried any prior to this. It is no where near tough, rubbery or stained with any pungent smell. Instead, what you could relish from this dumpling would be a crocodile meat that has already been tenderised to perfection, a delicious aroma that is concocted from a signature X.O. sauce and a precise marination that marks the distinctiveness of the umami flavour.

Summer Palace_CrocodileD_2

A new creation by dumpling expert, Chef Leong of Summer Palace, this exotic glutinous rice dumping is incorporated with the signature spicy X.O. sauce from Executive Chinese Chef Liu ChingHai and made complete with crunchy chestnuts and flavourful black mushrooms. 

Summer Palace_CrocodileD_3

And did you notice, the dumplings are actually wrapped with lotus leaves and dumpling leaves, hence they are not in their usual traditional shapes. Lotus leaves will enhance the flavours of the glutinous rice and it is hoped that this new twist can bring the entire families together through better understanding of the old traditions by what’s most important to all of us ~ food !

Summer Palace_CrocodileD_1

Having said all the above, aren’t you just looking forward to the Dragon Boat Festival to devour some of these delicacies soon ?? :)

Do note on the availability as below to avoid disappointment ! Happy Dumplings Festival in advance ! 

Glutinous Rice Dumplings from Summer Palace
Crocodile Meat and X.O. Sauce Rice Dumpling (酱爆鳄鱼肉果蒸粽) | $22 *NEW
Steamed rice dumpling with crocodile meat in X.O. sauce, black mushrooms and chestnuts
Black Sesame Rice Dumpling (黑芝麻茸枧水粽) | $13 *NEW
Steamed rice dumpling with black sesame paste, served with honey
Abalone Rice Dumpling (鲍鱼果蒸粽鲍鱼果蒸粽) | $38
Steamed rice dumpling with abalone, black mushrooms, chestnuts, green beans, dried scallops, roasted duck and salted egg yolk
Eight Treasures Vegetarian Rice Dumpling (罗汉八宝粽罗汉八宝粽) | $22
Steamed mixed-grains rice dumpling with eight treasures (morel mushrooms, bamboo piths,oats, barley, sweet corn, black mushrooms, chestnuts, green beans)
Regent Singapore, A Four Seasons Hotel_Summer Palace_Dragon Boat Festival 2016_Crocodile Meat and X.O. Sauce Glutinous Rice Dumpling V3
Chef Leong’s glutinous rice dumplings are available from June 1 to 9, 2016.
For orders or reservations, please call 6725 3288/9 or email
Note: All prices quoted are subject to 10% service charge and other applicable government taxes. Advanced order at least one (1) day prior to collection date is required.
Address :
Summer Palace, Level 3
Lunch: 12 to 2:30 p.m. (Monday to Saturday)                
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Dinner: 6:30 to 10:30 p.m.

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