Sharing renowned Chef Yamashita’s Yuzu Chiffon Cake Recipe from his new Recipe Book “Tanoshii Ke-Ki”


Was pretty honored to attend a baking demonstration event that was conducted by renowned Japanese chef Yamashita Masataka over the long weekend that has just past. Even though it was a short one-hour session, but everyone was in high spirits, More especially so when the non English speaking chef managed to crack several jokes through his actions during the entire baking demo !! 


Here are several scenes on how Chef Yamashita displays the jovial side of him and some of his serious tips on how to prepare the batter to get that perfect Yuzu Chiffon ! 

Take 1 : A meringue with glossy stiff peak is essential for a good chiffon.


Take 2 :  Mixing everything into a smooth flowing batter.


Take 3 : Unmoulding the cake !


Take 4 : Here’s how to remove the cake from the base of the chiffon tin.


Take 5 : A quick witty idea to decorate a cake when no turn-table is available !


Tadah !! Lovely time pieces there !


And recently Chef Yamashita launched his 3rd recipe book by the cover of “Tanoshii Ke-Ki”, a Japanese style of baking for all occasions. As we all know, the Japanese has an intricate eye for details and yet a flare for beautiful things indeed. In this new recipe book, Chef Yamashita demonstrated these 2 traits through its various really easy-to-follow recipes that any noob baker will be able to recreate at home.


From Patisserie Glace to Flor Patisserie to Chef Yamashita, which is now located at Tanjong Pagar Plaza, Chef Yamashita is definitely not a stranger to anyone in the baking scene. And having attended my very first baking demo with him, I have to say, he does deserves all the credits and titles that’s accredited to him. Even when the turn-table was not available during the demo, he still manages to decorate a cake beautifully within a span of few minutes. And that’s liked really wow-ing !

So here’s to sharing a lovely Yuzu Chiffon Cake recipe that’s was conducted during the demonstration and hopefully everyone will love his recipe book as well !

Tanoshii Ke-ki_Yuzu Chiffon Recipe (2)

 Happy Friday’s Eve, everyone !!  


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