Happy 75th Birthday Ricola Original! Celebrate by winning an Original Herb made of Real Gold in a Sweepstake for all readers!

Other than the supermarket shelves, my utmost impression of Ricola herbal drops probably originates from the cinema theatres. I must say, the media advertising of Ricola is pretty impressive! As you know, we often have that “boring” moment before a movie commences in a theatre. And Ricola’s commercials, which made their way onto our big screens, have an amazing way of creating a lasting impression in our minds during those moments. How should I put it? It’s like you have literally zero expectations, couching in the comfortable theatre chair whilst munching on your popcorn in pitch darkness when all of a sudden, a whole patch of greenery appears and in some parts, seriously amusing scenes pop up and eventually end with a subtle Made In Switzerland Ricola Herbal Drops image. And I would think “is that a commercial or the beginning of a movie?” Hahaha!! That was my first and quite wholesome connection with Ricola’s herbal candies.


So now we all know that Ricola herbal drops are successful not only locally, but throughout the world! If it wasn’t for this advertorial, I probably wouldn’t have realized Ricola Original was already 75 years old!! The Ricola Original candies date back as early as the 1940s, which was our grandparent’s generation! The Swiss manufacturer of herb drops have touched the hearts of many. Ricola’s continual efforts to ensure unified standards and taste since day one of its invention is clearly manifested.


I guess most desk bound workers like myself could share the sentiments of dry throats after spending long hours in the air conditioned office. Moreover, with the “after lunch syndrome” which makes one all the more ermm…sleepy (oops, hope the bosses are not reading this!), most office workers should feel my “pain”. And gosh, how it is made worse if you are called into a meeting or presentation at exactly that time of the day! How does reaching for a Ricola herb drop to soothe the throat, clear your mind and perhaps perk you up a bit sound? And if a little bit just isn’t enough, well fret not, you can always have a few packs of the herb drops around you anytime!

Now, I have a few on my office desk and in my carry bag too!


In conjunction with Ricola’s 75th anniversary, they have produced an Original Herb that’s made of real gold which all readers can win via a sweepstake! I’m not kidding, yes, you heard it right: real gold! Now just to tempt you, here’s a sneak preview on what the gold nugget looks like and how it’s crafted from scratch for your appreciation. Does that excite you enough to visit the website to win it now? Well, I certainly hope it does ! Enter the sweepstake here.

Ricola Collage

*This is a sponsored article by Ricola Original. I partnered with the brand to write this article but every word is mine.


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