My Top 10 Kitchen Finds from Ikea

Random 10, with no particular order.

1) BEKVÄM Kitchen Trolley, birch

BEKVAM Kitchen TrolleyNow staying in a small space means limited kitchen tabletop. To a cook or baker, this can be pretty disastrous. Especially more so when you ran out of space right in the smack of food preparation. It does happen to me pretty often. Food scraps are everywhere, even on the floor and piles of plates are stacking up. You are perhaps just a step to pulling ur hair off. And that’s the time the kitchen trolley is here for the rescue. It helps to lift off certain daily appliances from the tabletop and release extra room. It can be the microwave, rice cooker, mixer or the air fryer that occupies space and yet not being able to fit into the limited cabinets. Or even the miscellaneous stuffs like the water jar, serving trays or even the box of paper napkins. When more space is freed up, things get to move around spaciously and everything will just go on smoother.

  Wooden Trolley_1 Wooden Trolley_3


2) LÄMPLIG Tirvet, stainless steelLAMPLIG Tirvet

Now this is particularly useful for hot pots and trays, kettles and jars. If you want to “preserve” ur newly built kitchen as much as possible, be sure to protect it as well as you can. Acting as a filter between anything burning hot and the expensively polished kitchen tabletop, what’s this $9.90 in comparison ? I am sure you know what I am getting at, aren’t you?



3) MINT PlantMint_5

This is neither a tool or gadget but why do I label it as one of my kitchen finds? You see, I started to grow some herbs plants sometime back. And my first pot was one I lug back from Ikea and this is my second. Why do I love this plant so much that I could classify it as one of my top 10 ? First all of, I just wanna give it a try to see if I can start any plants growing from my kitchen despite the fact that it does not have direct sunlight. And when I need to water the plants, all I gotta do, is simply to reach for the water pot and I could easily accomplish it. Growing them along the corridor or outside the house is not for someone lazy like me. They would probably be forgotten if I do not see them during convenience times. And amazingly, the plant survives and it has been brunching out in the months that followed !! I was told such plants can help to fend off mosquitoes and now, to fight the haze too! So much for a pot, what’s there not to have it? And guess what, you can enjoy the most natural lemon mint drink or tea anytime now too.

Mint_1 Mint_2



4) VARIERA, Shelf Insert in whiteVARIERA shelf insert

From pots to pans, shallow to deep, hotpots to woks, every kitchen owner who cooks is in no shortage of any of such. Excess should be the word here. Hahaha. Ask me how do I house all these beloved collections ? It was this before and that after. The difference is notable, isn’t it? Organized, neat and planned described it all now. Not only that, the most commonly used are clearly visible and easily accessed from the two tiers now.





5) RÖRT Fork & Spoon, beechFork & Spoon Collage

Fried vermicelli and noodles top my most commonly cooked dishes in my menu. They are forever good as the local style of breakfast anytime. And even in party gatherings, they are rarely a miss. These wooden fork and spoon can stir the vermicelli and noodles so steadily that I was impressed. Because they are wooden and sturdy, they can whip up huge volume of vermicelli and noodles which otherwise the plastic tools might not be effective as the weight will be too heavy for it to manage. And you might ask how about the steel kinds then ? The steel ones can do the trick too, but they will scratch my expensive ceramic pans. So this $1.90 a piece tool is what I should say, the most definite value for $. All thumbs up!

 Fork & Spoon


6) RÅSKOG trolley in turquoise RASKOG Trolley

You might wonder how and where I grow my plants from the kitchen. Do I place them on the floor, on the tabletop, hanging from the ceiling or whatsoever. The floor and pot stands are definitely a no-no for my current stance as the curious dog will certainly be poking her nose into it. And ceiling plants are not suited for the current layout. The reduced price trolley in turquoise is my addition to the one for the hall post earlier. Because it’s cheaper now, it makes all the sense and temptation to grab another one for all its usefulness. For the plants and pots, for the dried groceries such as the potatoes and onions or the barang barang for the pet dog. Because it’s on wheels, it’s so convenient to move them anywhere around the kitchen. Extra groceries or even condiments bottles can find their place here too. *Sorry that I couldn’t really get a good picture of this by the window, just wanna show where it is being placed at in the kitchen.*

Turquoise Trolley  Turquoise Trolley_1


7) KLACK TrayKLACK tray

This tray is huge ! And that’s what I so liked about it. It can easily “transport” 2 plates and 2 bowls of food with 2 drinks and cutlery at one go. Instead of “passing baton” one by one, this huge serving tray enables me to move the food good enough for 2 or more conveniently from the kitchen to the dining area. Even if you need a lazy breakfast in bed, this tray is solid and strong enough to be placed on a soft surface without much movements. Of course, the whole idea is the ability of it being able to move a larger number of food plates around in one move.

Tray_1  Tray_2


8) SUTARE Roasting tin, light yellowSUTARE Roasting tin

My first impression of the roasting tin was very bimbo-ish ! It has a very nice hue of the pastel shade of yellow indeed. Forget about whether it’s going to cook evenly or not, just grab one before the series runs out. I had the medium size one which measures 32x19cm which hold up to 3 pieces of roasted chicken, a serving that fits nicely for two. Not only that, as you can see, the non-stick coating means I can roast the chicken as it is, without using any foil and the ease in washing up thereafter was a breeze too. And probably you would ask…did it roast well too ? Well, look at the evenly golden brown skin of the chicken… it all speaks for itself.

Roasting Tin_1

Roasting Tin  Baked-Herbs-Chicken_2-680x1024


9) MIXTUR Oven Dish, clear glassMIXTUR Oven Dish

If you cook baked rice or other baked goods often enough, you would reckon the importance of an oven dish. While many prefer porcelain or ceramic, I would usually go for a clear glass one. At any instance, the food can be viewed from the exterior to determine their done-ness and in so doing, avoids any over or under cooking. Whether it’s a ham and cheese baked rice or a simple baked salmon, they look deliciously awesome and tempting in the visually clear glass tray. I am just too hungry for words now !




10) BASIL Herb PlantBasil_2

This is my last item on the list but nevertheless my first “prized plant collection” that actually blossoms !! Imagine the excitement when I first spotted the little white flowers sprouting. Now basil leaves are very useful in a variety of Thai and Chinese cooking. Hence, my choice when I re-started my pruning activities. I never had much luck with plants before this. The long hiatus spurred me to go back to it eventually. This is especially so since I am cooking much frequently than before nowadays. But imagine buying a whole bag of herb leaves when you probably would need a few pieces of it only. So why not just herb my own ? Long term wise, it’s more economical. And some greenery in the household is always pleasing to the mind and body. Cooked up the Thai Red Curry with Basil with my own crops for the first time, even though it’s not exactly a crop built from scratch. Well, I am contented as it is with the sprouting basil that’s still continuing branching out. It came along as a small pot and grew to a baby giant now. Now I truly experience the satisfaction and joy of cooking from your own garden. More to come, yeah.

Basil_3  Basil_1


Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post from Ikea, but all ideas and opinions are of the own.

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