Collaboration with Ikea #1 “Bringing the Outdoors In”

I always feel that the most beautiful home doesn’t necessary need to be exclusive, highly renovated or super expensive. To a home owner, a soothing environment that provides relaxation whenever one returns home after a day’s work is the most crucial in determining the beauty of the home. Hence, a place that’s close to nature, of greens and floral is one such environment that we should be drawn close to. And because of such mentality, I have always desired to create a mini garden within the home. However, since that’s no exclusive garden nor spacious balcony for me to work on, I decide I shall come up my very own ” garden therapy” through DIY !! Hehehe. It’s always very therapeutic whenever we travel to places of nature, therefore one such corner within a house should be very conducive simply to just “nua” around (my favourite pastime recently, oops!!) and enjoy the comfort of the home ambience.

A DIY corner of pottages, florals, plants and perhaps made better with an indoor “greenhouse imitate” ?

And whilst I was halfway through this Project Kaya (it suddenly dawn on me I should give this project a name.. and ermm… kaya is green in colour too ? Well, it’s also very local mah !! ), I was very honoured to receive Ikea’s sponsorship to be one of their featured bloggers for the month and yooohooooo, Project Kaya  gets a boost and become Project XO Kaya now !! (ok, lame joke, hehehe!!)

Anyway it was a real coincidence that the theme for the first Ikea’s assignment that’s “to bring the outdoors in” was just exactly in line with what I had planned to do earlier. This is really no joke ok !! Hahaha… 

And here’s Project K (in short) making its debut appearance !!


What you see is a sideboard or rather, a shoe cabinet near the entrance of the home. The reason why I spruced it up the corner with Project K is that the sofa faces this area of the house in opposite. And when you are potato-couching on the lazy sofa, it garnered the attention of the flowers and greens and all the cute stuffs.

On a closer look….IKEA4

The pots of plants and potpourri are from Ikea and being spreaded all over the grass patch, giving it a more rustic feel. On top of that, the potpourri added a nice fragrance to the entire area and making one feel even more therapeutic while enjoying or even passing by.



The 3 house racks are sourced from Taobao, imitating “the greenhouse” I wanted. The grass patch is from Daiso, which sells in square pieces at 32 x 32 cm. I trimmed the sides slightly to fit the size of the cabinet and glued up 4 pieces of it together to make it a continuous grass patch as seen. If you do it carefully, the joint lines are hardly visible.



The country liked house racks are decorated with various floral arrangements from Ikea as well. My favourite has to be the centrepiece where a stalk of dual colour carnation stands out from a glass vase with a bell bottomed filled with sand stones.


Doing the same with the blue daisy as well but with a different vase and floral arrangement though. The earlier bell bottomed glass vase came in a set of two, the smaller of which I had used to filled up with the red sand and daintily decorated with a white daisy. The rest of the items are either gifts or loot from taobao. :)



Project K extended to another section of the house that I believe most of us had our eyes glued on the most often… the TV console!! I have friends who basically do not own any TV now because they watch all shows, even TV programmes online now !! Omg, though it is possible, but I still can’t imagine myself without a TV. Hahaha !!


And just loving this tulips florals to the bits !!! Floral arrangement isn’t that difficult after all, isn’t it ? Actually it shouldn’t be credited to my skills or whosoever, since that isn’t much involved, but all it takes is probably some decor sense ??? Arhemmmm… “thank you” :)


The candy pink tulips and country style pot vase from Ikea complements each other perfectly and brightens up the hall with a lovely and lively hue.

And guess what the wood-alike pieces below the vases are made of ? Because the TV looks really huge compared to the flowers, I stacked up these “wood-pieces” so that the flowers do not look so short when placed beside the tv. 

They are actually wood framed photo frames from Ikea too !! Never knew photo frames can be used for such purposes too ?? Hehehe!! So now you know yeah !!


Home decor needs not be very complicated or expensive, as long as they are pleasing to the eyes of the beholder… that’s all that matters ! Project K shall end its rounds for now… but do stay tuned for the next project coming up pretty soon !! Have a great week ahead, everyone !!


*Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post from Ikea but all opinions and ideas are of the own. 

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