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Though we do not have any major festivals for the month of May and June, but the unofficial “celebrations” such as Mother’s and Father’s Day are bound to keep us busy still. And because of that, I supposed the food and beverage scene in Singapore had not taken a breather since CNY. However, the commercial aspects of exquisite dining at restaurants during such celebrations aren’t always pleasant, given the rowdy crowds and shorter dining time. It’s a typical case of “eat and go” as the long queues will probably stressed you out if you were to take your own sweet time to enjoy your food. So here’s a solution to all that, and a much better one there… How about dining in the comfort of your own home sweet home and having the food catered to your doorstep without even having to worry about the messy cleanup thereafter?

FoodLine provides a one-stop portal to all your catering needs with constructive and trusted reviews from actual consumers, reducing the hassle of planning for your next family gathering or party. No event is too small for FoodLine and the best recommendations are always provided based on your requirements and budget. Even if you are organizing for a last minute affair, FoodLine will be able to source for a suitable caterer for you. What’s more, you get the “Best Price Guarantee” that assures you the lowest price catered through them and FoodLine will not hesitate to match the lower price found of the same menu from the same caterer if ever such incident does occur. 


And so this year, for a change, we decided to have a cake for the Mother’s Day celebration which we usually don’t. And guess what, FoodLine seems to be able to read my mind and has exactly what I needed as a new launch. The newly opened Cakes section ~~~ As an update from the previous post about FoodLine, there seems to be an even wider range of caterers, especially with the inclusion of the cakes section now.

Even though I already had in mind what I needed as a cake for the old folks, as they are the traditional kinds that prefer the old school fruits cake, but when I spotted this Mothers’ Day Special being the Orange Blossom Ombre Cake from Cake Avenue, it is just too much to resist. I mean I love the ombre colors in pink and for a total change, I decided to get this instead for the occasion. Women are just fickle minded by nature I guess !! Hahaha.


I placed the order via FoodLine on a late Sunday night and sure enough within the next morning, I received the call from Cake Avenue confirming the order. Talking about efficiency yeah, this is lightning efficient. Oh yeah, another plus point to note about ordering via FoodLine is the cash rebate offered upon a short review of the caterer after your catering event. The reward ranges from $5 to $30 and is often transferred to your desired bank account within 5 working days or earlier, without further questions. Indeed, this gesture from FoodLine is certainly motivational for each and everyone of us to leave a review, so that others can benefit from it as well. And in the event of shortlisting our choices of preferred caterers, these reviews do play utmost important roles. I mean, how often do we bother ourselves to write a review whenever we purchase something online ? I guess FoodLine can read us so well that these cash rebates just come in handy.

And because of such review system that FoodLine adopts, we can be quite sure of quality assurance for orders placed through them as the review not only affect the caterer’s reputation, but their ranking on FoodLine as well. As of till date, FoodLine currently houses 5,000+ reviews rated by our own people, and this probably is the largest database of reviews you can find so far in any food catering website.


So here’s the lovely cake ordered from Cake Avenue through FoodLine for the Mother’s Day.


 Pee-a-boo at the cross-section of the cake !


So if you are still at a loss of deciding among the various food caterers for your upcoming party or celebration, be sure to look out for the various reviews from FoodLine to streamline your decision making from now on !  

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