Valentine’s Agar Agar Jelly

Though has passed, but I really love how the colors of these agar agar turn out.. so I feel the need to share them here ! And because it’s for the occasion, it has to be LOVE-ly for sure and filled of colors just like the rainbow!

So I did a rainbow valentine agar agar jelly and topped the middle of the heart with little dainty hearts of various colours. And realising it’s an issue to pick up those dainty heart to consume, I had them on a skewer in 7 various shades ! Just like how you would eat your satay ! Hahah.. but this time it’s sweet instead of savory satay yeah.

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Agar Agar jelly creation needs no introduction or any particular skills. You can follow through some of the tips that I have listed in a previous post here.

They probably need patience, careful handling of colors as the colors tend to “sweat” easily and quickly if use in abundance and lastly (which I just noticed recently too!) short fingernails ! Whenever I kept my nails long beyond the finger, I will tend to “scratch” or “pierce” the agar agar jelly during unmoulding. Perhaps I wasn’t skillful enough to say, but it happens so often now that I realised I have to get someone to unmould for me whenever that happens !  

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The family always laments that I love to used fresh coconut milk in all my agar agar creations but they taste so good and refreshing ! The only setback is they don’t last long and one pack of agar agar powder probably takes a big family of 5-7 to finish up all the jellies within 2-3 days.

V Day Agar Agar Skewer_LOGO


Does this idea strikes a chord in you for the dessert table in your next party if any ? ^-^  


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