Shopping on Zalora with ShopBack ! – Discounts & Cashback all at once !!

It’s the Chinese New Year festive where everyone are stocking up on their food, groceries, and planting their wardrobes with new clothing. And I am no exception with a perfectly brilliant excuse to shop more without guilt! Hehehe ! But what makes things easier in our generation is that we are accessing the internet so often that even without stepping out of the house and rushing through the mad crowds in shopping malls, the online sensation provides a convenient alternative to purchase what we want whenever we need.

While I love to shop online for clothes and stuffs, you need to be a brilliant shopper because if you do it often enough, the savings can be pretty substantial if you just know how to SHOP SMART. ShopBack effectively consolidate all the major online brands onto a single site where the most discounts PLUS cashback can be found.

Zalora is a very popular site to look out for, for its latest fashion trends with its huge collection of everything you need to doll yourself up from tip to toe. And as I was looking for some essential office wear to add to the wardrobe, this dress certainly caught my attention. Simple and neat with clean lines and cuts, my style yeah. The kind of make shift dress that I was looking for! And there is only 2 pieces left in stock… must hurry !! Hahaha! I detest it when the stuffs I wanted are always out of stock… I believe most gals should be able to reconcile with this feeling very well yeah… 


A matching pair of black heels should complement this dress better…and here it is ! And just nice, I qualify for free shipping !

2Guess what ? Using the promo code from ShopBack, I get an additional 15% off my purchases ! My total bill comes up to 59.32SGD instead of the original 69.80SGD. That’s a whopping 10.48SGD discount just like that ! As simple as it can get !


And well, who doesn’t love discounts especially where there are no strings attached ?




All done in a breeze !! I must say the discount codes are indeed easily applied, and there are no hidden agenda or terms and conditions otherwise. I have tried some other sites with the same functions, and coupons or voucher applications are always found to have errors during checkouts. And when you tried to enquire about it, they will list down all the weird terms and conditions that you did not fulfill, and therefore the codes doesn’t work. Ok fine.. and you know when such happens, you would simply ditch the purchase.

What makes ShopBack a further wonderful platform is that you are entitled to a certain percentage of your purchase as CashBack on top of the discounts that was already applied. And yes, it means REAL CASH back to your pockets without the need for further purchases or whatsoever, to be entitled to them.



You can opt to have the CashBack transferred to your designated bank account by the end of every month ! And well, that literally hits what you always hear in adverts, the more you spend, the more you earn and it’s that real for once ! 

Well, does that tempt you to shop more ? Hehehe… It certainly does to me !      


So now I am a happy gal with a very satisfying retail therapy ! Kudos to ShopBack Singapore!

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