That’s what happened when you had too much of online shopping…

I think online shopping has become such a preoccupation that I dare say anyone who is computer literate would be found ‘guilty’ of such a behavior at any one time in their life.

And especially so if you work in a cohesive environment where everyone is just so united when it comes to such ‘actions in crime’ ! Hahaha.

I have this fantastic colleague whom we fondly address as the Taobao agent who will volunteer to help consolidate everyone’s orders and inform us when the goods are here. And she’s such a darling when it comes to such tasks. She would even fork out payment for us in advance when placing orders and only collect them when the items have arrived in our hands. She would even help us lug back those items from Taobao office back to our office before distribution too !


Here’s where you can find her. Oh well, everyone is just so camera shy ! Heheheh.

And because of such convenience, my Taobao shopping list seems quite never ending. And gosh, our desks and beneath it all has literally become our mini storage space.

Take a look at my loot which I have yet to bring back since months back…


All my “zha ba lang” !

And my colleague’s shoes storage !


But hey, we are not careless spenders. We did our market research before buying those items ok. Cost with estimated shipping has to be cheaper than the item found locally, otherwise, it has to be something that’s not easily found here. We work hard, and we shop smart too. International shipping is not free one lor. 

Of course, if there had to be a better deal found locally, what’s better than purchasing from your own home country. Inflation has driven us to be smart spenders yeah, so keeping a lookout for the best offers is constantly on the priority list. And whilst doing a keyword search for the best offers in Singapore, I chanced upon CUPONATION. Side track abit… everyone comes to a laugh when they heard my blog name or when I repeat my email address. But hey, doesn’t it ring a bell in your mind that this is the surely question that you will definitely ask at least once a day.


Coming back to Cuponation, the first thing that comes to my mind too is the word ‘Cupo’. Never knew what language it originates from, but ….

“My sister CUPO my dress leh…”
“My money kena CUPO by my mother…”

Sounds all too familiar ? Hahaha… CUPO means GRAB in this sense.

And yes, we are indeed a CUPONATION. A nation of kiasu Singaporeans where we never fail to GRAB a good deal whenever we see one and I can see that Cuponation understands this perfectly well too, hence the name ! I found amazing offers and coupons from this site which carries several of the popular brands like Zalora, ASOS and Reebonz. Even discounts on groceries shopping at Redmart can be found. Brilliant shoppers, it’s time to start shopping for Christmas !  :)


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