The Cafe with a SPRMRKT experience

SPRMRKT .. Erm.. not that you are thinking, certainly not going groceries shopping but it’s indeed a cafe that called itself supermarket for short !

But they do certainly have a mini store front where a small range of country style cookware and bakeware are sold, at some very steep prices though… so I shall save that recommendation for the next time. I am sure the food is more of utmost concern anytime, isn’t it …

It was the TGIF day, so here come the Friday specials with some of the cafe’s all-time favorites !

And the general consensus is that the signature Truffle Fries with Kelp and Parmesan (S$12) indeed makes a fantastic dipping food that keeps one’s munching non-stop, and yes, it’s a both thumbs up and a must try. Of course, with the exceptions for those who probably doesn’t like cheese. In fact, I think even without those add-ons, the fries itself are pretty decent, especially when they remain a good crisp even after it has cooled. I have not heard of anyone who loves soggy fries for a start though, so yes the standard benchmark for a good fries should be that, crunchy and crispy, at all times!


The highly recommended Fried Chicken Wings and Drumlets with Thai Chilli Sauce (S$9), is good too if you don’t mind the slight saltiness. And this is exactly how you can visualize the spice on the chicken wings – ever tried the Twisties snack in BBQ flavor ? Yes, it’s literally the same. If you love both chicken wings and Twisties, yes, this is the sure thing for you.


The mains come off as passable with the Mixed Seafood with Turmeric & Kaffir Lime Sandwhices (S$15) in both the multigrain and plain baguettes. Though it’s understood that baguette is generally hard in texture, but the slight roasted baguettes here is simply too tough for our liking. Maybe we should have opt for the croissant instead.



As it’s 初一 and one of the colleagues has a fare for vegetarian on this day, we did not “fight” with her for her serving of Mixed Roasted Vegetables (S$16). The portion looks big though and by the time most of us were quite done with our main course, she was still harping on the veges despite hers was the first to be served !


If you need some starch to keep you completely satisfied, the Grilled Corn and Mushroom Pasta (S$18) is not too bad for an option. Served with cream sauce and white truffle oil, the petite portion is good enough especially when you already have the signatures sides as company. Isn’t too creamy for my preference and lacking in a certain rich flavor, though I can’t really describe in words on what’s that, like when you know you had something, and somehow it isn’t just completely satisfying, but overall acceptable as the fries and wings earlier make up for the shortfall. And I am sure if this is too rich a flavor too, everyone will be complaining of an MSG-filled meal instead. So somehow, I am generally ok and not complaining about this dish. 


Oh yeah, we had the Parma Ham, Arugula, Sundried Tomato & Mushroom Risotto (S$20) as well. Hmm, all I can say is not everyone likes Risotto. I would prefer a cheese baked rice instead anytime.


Be glad that their breakfast menu is served on an all-day basis. If you are craving for an English breakfast for lunch, the variants of eggs on the menu will keep you spoilt for choice. But if you find it such a chore in deciding, go for the Egg Omelette in ham, cheese and mushroom (S$14) which is probably the most acceptable and the safest choice when deciding for a big group.


Though the prices might be slightly steeper for the standard of food served, but the lack of service charge and GST inclusive certainly make up for the gap. So comparatively, I should say it’s still acceptable for a cafe setting. And something noticeable about the service standard, that when small sharing plates were requested, the staff were quick to serve them to our table, which should be quite commendable despite it being operated on a self-service platform.

SPR Market is located at :
2 McCallum Street
Singapore 069043
Opening Hours :
Mondays & Tuesdays: 8am to 9pm
Wednesdays to Fridays: 8am to 11pm
Saturdays & Sundays: 9am to 6pm

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