Jenny’s Cookies from Hong Kong

The lazybones has kicked me so hard that I haven’t been doing anything with the blog for the past one month. And I guess that will probably still continue for another few more months… Gosh, tell me how to get the momentum back !!

Been wanting to post this for a long time and pictures were taken like a couple of months back already. Remember I lug back tins of the infamous Jenny’s Cookies from Hong Kong, and wanna so badly to do a review about it. Ok, here I am with the pen finally. 

A quick glance at the wavering queue that braced the sun and rain for these cookies that comes at a pretty steep price tag (at least to me !). Around SGD13-25 for a tin of cookies, butter cookies to be exact. And PLAIN butter cookies to be more precise.



The jest of butter cookies is probably about using good quality butter that brings out the flavour of it all. And each tin of Jenny’s cookies comes in supposedly stated 4 different flavours. And the most distinguish one will be the Coffee flavour, which lets off a strong coffee aroma once you opened the tin. But a pity I am so not a coffee fan, therefore it doesn’t appeal to me that much. Instead, I felt that the coffee flavour overwhelms all the others so strongly that I felt even the rest of the butter cookies has some coffee thing in them. 


The cookies are rather flaky, as you can see, and even though they are tightly sealed and packed in metal tins containers, having transported them across the oceans in checked in baggage still causes some damage. One of the my tins was dented and the cookies in it were full of crumbs. Given a choice, I prefer the Danish style butter cookies anytime. It doesn’t has that smoothness and melt-in-the-mouth texture as compared to the Danish cookies, in my humble opinion.


 I guess I probably love the tins more than the cookies ! :)


Asked me if I were to brace the queue once more for these cookies, a certain no-no. Unless someone entrusted me for gifts sharing and the queue is less than 10 minutes, then probably I will buy them again. :)


Nevertheless, just my two-cents worth.



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