The Wicked Garlic @ International Plaza

The first time I came here at slightly past 1130am for lunch, the place was still in the midst of setting up but there were around 5 people in the queue already. Several times we wanna dine at this place for lunch, but was always jam packed. So come this day, when all the Taobao-fans were gathered to collect our stuffs at their office at International Plaza (yes, now you know where office workers go to collect our Taobao goodies from now !), we decided we have to dine at this place by hook or by crook.

A very small cafe with probably less than 10 seatings each time, thereby explaining for the long queuing time, especially as you know, some are not “eat and go” lunch-goers. And the queue system is neither systematic nor organised. We were told to place our orders first whilst waiting for our seats. But the staff do not inform you when that’s a seating. You really gotta hanged around the place and once you spot an empty seat, you have to grab it yourself. Otherwise, you will be “gong gong” still continuing to wait there. Not sure if this happens all the times, but I experienced it on my first encounter there.

The pasta there is really mediocre, we had both the Linguini Alla Vongole and Spaghetti Alla Carbonara. Whilst the carbonara fares slightly better than the linguini, both are quite of average standing. No surprises, nothing fantastic and fairly plain. 

Linguini Alla Vongole (S$9.70) is pasta tossed with Asiatic clams and cooked with extra virgin olive oil, white wine, garlic & parsley. The broth is rather light with a slight garlicky after taste. Doesn’t go well for people with strong taste buds. Not supremely flavourful and definitely a far cry from abling to address it as “delicious”. :( 

Wicked Garlic_1

Spaghetti Alla Carbonara (S$8.70) is tossed with bacon, cream, egg yolk and freshly grated parmesan cheese. While this still falls short of exclamation and wow-ness in goodness, it is generally still not bad. At least we manage to finish up this dish as compared to the prior one ! Hahaha !! But the cream based carbonara is abit runny for my taste, as I usually prefer the cream to be thicker and richer. 

Wicked Garlic_4

But the thin crust pizza is indeed worth a try. The Vegeteriana (S$9.70) pizza is topped with mushrooms, garlic, zucchini, eggplants, bell peppers, onions & carrots. We love how thin and crisp the pizza is, not over filling and just nice how the proportions are. It is amazing to note how we appreciate foods when we are still teenagers and when we are grown-ups. Imagine when I was much younger, I used to think that the thicker the pizza is (especially the crust), the nicer it will be. It’s like we appreciate the dough more than the fillings. But as I aged, the preferences seemingly make a swap and I learnt to differentiate how pizza should be consumed in appreciation. 

Wicked Garlic_3

The Diavola (S$9.70) is a pizza topped with slices of pork salami. A kind of cured sausage and yes, a meaty pizza as you deemed it. But for the ladies with small appetite, we do still managed to devour them all. And it is pretty obvious from the leftovers on our preferences for the pizza as compared to the pasta. Probably we didn’t make a good choice in our selections of pasta, but from the rest of the diners, the pasta do fare higher in popularity. Maybe we should ask for their signatures the next round. But till then….

Wicked Garlic_2

And erm… none of the dishes are really garlicky… so where’s the wicked GARLIC ?

The Wicked Garlic is located at :
10 Anson Road, #01-37, International Plaza, SIngapore 079903
T: +65 8509 2942
Operation Hours:
Monday – Friday
1130am – 9pm
[Last Order at 9pm]
10am – 8pm
[Last Order at 8pm]
Closed on Sunday & PH


  1. Agree with you. Food was better before. Heard that the Head Chef Augustine is no more around. Maybe thats why the change in taste and consistency. And you are right the queueing system sucks! They were much better before. Not sure what happened. My colleagues and I go there less often now. Hopefully a better pasta joint comes out around our area.

    • I agree their queueing system is so bad. But there was once i saw one waitress trying to help out a crowd and the supervisor made his own decision and seated someone else without asking the waitress who was suppose to be seated next. Also, i heard from my colleague that Augustine was not a real chef and he had to leave because he cheated the company. Don’t know if it’s true but sounds juicy. Heard they’re opening a new outlet, hope they can cope.

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