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When it comes to online shopping nowadays, I am sure everyone has their fair share of encounters and experience. From Taobao to Amazon, the list of items that can be found online is never ending. However, the problem with international online shopping is the lack of transparency and warranty. Not withstanding that, there are also no money back guarantee service if you were to discover a fault or stain in your purchase. And this is especially evident for electronics and appliances. The difference in power socket and voltage, the lack of after sales warranty and money back guarantee if item found to be faulty upon receipt, all these made a difference to a pleasurable online shopping experience.

With that said, the most secure and trustworthy online shopping experience eventually has to fall back on a platform that essentially is risk and worries free. No overcharge shipping woes, complete channel for refunds and after sales support and warranty readily available of utmost importance (at least to me !). Oh yeah, not forgetting to mention, it would be made perfect if it’s a single platform that literally carries all that we need. From home to travel, from beauty to fashion, you name it, they have it !

So you must be wondering what’s the catch now ! Haha !

Well well well, it’s none other that LAZADA.SG for your complete line of online shopping needs ! 


And the fact about what I so loved from LAZADA is because I do have such a penchant for kitchen appliances and LAZADA offers them at such a reasonable pricing that they are undoubtedly more competitive than what you can find from the big stores. 

Kitchen Appliances

I have always love my bread to be toasted to a crisp and was in search of a good toaster to fuel my craving for sandwich toasties as breakkie recently, when I noticed this interesting appliance from Tefal Singapore ! Not only does the Tefal Toast n Egg comes along with a bread toasting function, the attached egg boiler and meat warmer allows you to prepare a hearty breakfast in minutes ! Imagine the convenience of not having to heat up the pan or start the gas stove just to pan fried an egg or heat up a slice of bacon. retail therapy just doesn’t stop at one ! I guess I just have a weakness for all kinds of multi-purpose kitchen appliances. Gosh, have I started to embrace the “aunty” mentality ? Hahaha ! But don’t care lar, as long as happy can liao !! :Þ

The sandwich maker from Kenwood Singapore further caught my attention ! The 3-in-1 multi snacker is a grill, griddle and waffle maker. And while the sandwich craving has just intensified… how about tucking into slices of ham and cheese sandwiches with the warm melted cheese oozing from within as you bite into them… And yes, a sandwich maker does make an easier clean up too …

Look at this clause ! I reckon you don’t find this often in other online platforms. Online shopping has always been “buying at your own risk”, however at Lazada, the risk is essentially non existent !


And what’s better than being able to pay Cash on Delivery ! Instead of worrying your hard-earned $ being conned by unethical sellers which most or shall I say ALL online shopping requires for a pre-payment, and fidgeting about whether your purchase will eventually get delivered, LAZADA ensures that this will never happened as long as that’s a minimum purchase of $40. 

Effortless Shopping

To simply illustrate, my virgin shopping experience with LAZADA was completed in a breeze without any hassles and worries. All I gotta do now is to sit back and wait for the delivery… and I am in so much anticipation for my new kitchen toys to arrive !  

To kickoff your shopping experience with LAZADA, there will be a $10 voucher given for all new customers who subscribe to their newsletters (minimum purchase of S$50 with expiry in 30 days).

Lazada $10 Voucher


Aren’t you tempted already ? Hehehe… start browsing LAZADA now and I am sure your shopping cart will be filled in no time ! 


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