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When PAUL touched the grounds of our local heartlands 2 years back, many were indeed impressed and awed by the authentic taste the French bakery and their specialty breads has offered, especially when France itself is a country of delicacy when it comes to any sorts of bakes.

2 years on today, the French bakery-restaurant whom never took a step back in working on its menu and constantly showering us with new flavours from the French Cuisine, is currently rolling out a series of Executive Lunch and Dinner Sets at such a reasonable pricing that you would undoubtedly wonder whether they are for real ! But the answer is none other than YES.

From now till 31 October 2014, the French boulangerie is featuring some of these Executive set lunches and dinners at Westgate and Tanglin Mall Restaurants, with the all-time favourites from PAUL’s menu at $13.90 and $18.90 respectively.

As a working adult, I definitely understand the woes of dining at the same old lunch place every single day and always on the toes for anything new and definitely reasonable pricing for a lunch. With that said, I managed to tuck into their Executive Set Lunch that comes complimentary with a coffee, tea or iced tea at just $13.90 ! Pocket friendly, isn’t it ? 

And here’s my sip of Camomile Tea before I began my hearty meal !


For your main course, take your pick from the following :

1) Roulade de Daurade (pacific dory flavoured with paprika and served with creamy tomato sauce),

2) Cuisse de Poulet Rotie (roasted chicken leg served with salad and roasted potato),

3) Salade Nicoise (a refreshing tuna salad with olives and eggs), and

4) Club Poulet (smoked chicken sandwich served with salad and olives).


I tried both the Roulade de Daurade and Cuisse de Poulet Rotie, which if you insist on me taking a pick, I much preferred the latter.  The creamy tomato sauce from the pacific dory is an interesting blend of flavours and I much adored using it as a dipping sauce for the roasted potatoes from the roasted chicken set!


The roasted chicken leg comes on as a pretty huge serving (at least to me!) with potatoes and salads for a side. While it is common to find grilled chicken turning dry and tough due to over-grilling, Cuisse de Poulet Rotie was served on a good note, embracing the moisture from within and made flavourful with herbs.

The executive set lunch is available from 11.30am to 2.30pm, Mondays to Fridays, except on public holidays.

But if you find that the lunch hours are too short for your comfort dining, the Executive Dinner is all yours for selection too. At just $18.90, start off with the soup of the day (Clear Veggie Soup, French Onion Soup, Carrot Soup or Potato Leek Soup), choose a main course and end your meal with a refreshing iced lemon tea or iced mint tea.

For your main course, take your pick from the following :

1) PAUL’s traditional beef stew in rich brown sauce, served with generous slices of French country bread fresh from the bakery,

2) Roulade de Daurade (pacific dory flavoured with paprika and served with creamy tomato sauce),

3) Salade Caesar with delicious grilled chicken marinated in herbs, or

4) Sauté de Poulet aux Champignons (roasted chicken chunks in a creamy sautéed mushroom sauce, served with generous slices of PAUL’s country bread).

Media Release - PAUL launches new executive set menus

The executive set dinner is available from 6pm onwards, Mondays to Thursdays, except on public holidays.

Paul’s Executive Set Lunches & Dinners are available at the following locations :

PAUL (Westgate) is located at #01-05 Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive, Singapore 065832.
Call the bakery shop at +65 6369 9082 and the restaurant at +65 6369 9080.
PAUL (Tanglin Mall) is located at #01-16/17 Tanglin Mall, 163 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247933.
Call the bakery shop at +65 6736 3205 and the restaurant at +65 6736 3257.

Jouir !

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