My random musings… w some very vanilla cupcakes…

Hahaha, as many who knows me, I rarely take picture, especially selfies. To the extent you can browse through my entire phone and you can find none. Erm, I am really camera shy and I don’t look good in pictures. And that goes why. But was out with an old friend recently and she’s one who happens to be the other extreme, so I took a picture with her and kind of like that picture much. So I crop myself out and manage to make a one in a million selfie for myself !

Tada! Ok, no comments of whatsoever please. Good or no good, I hear no evil !! LOL.


On top of that, I managed some cupcakes over the weekend. Though they aren’t the perfectly best cupcakes, but I am glad I managed to practice the piping skills, which is my main purpose.


And the rainbow chocolate chips are from Australia, much to the query of many. Not sure if they are available locally though. And because I needed to use up my whipping cream desperately, the frosting nevertheless had to be that. Which is not a good idea I guess, especially for cupcakes which I reckon would go on easier with butter cream instead. Whipped cream means I have to leave the cupcakes in the fridge due to the humid weather and this inevitably dried the cakes… :(


And so I have been busy “painting” as well. Ok, technically it should be “coloring”. I like anything that requires patience and perseverance as I find that I really need these 2 qualities to better myself. So I bought this “painting by numbers” art piece and started on one recently. It’s recommended by the long-time pal too and indeed it’s very therapeutic. Perhaps I am overly ambitions for a start, I should just begin with the simple art design, but I chose an elaborate one with too much of the small details !! Argh !! It’s really patience killing… !!!


The final piece should look something like this. But… when will I ever complete it ??!


Well, it’s the National Day. Though I must confess I am not a particularly patriotic one, but the fact that it’s a public holiday does bring some cheer.

Happy weekend !!


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