Day 3 of 3 Nights in HK

Day 3 :
My last full day in HK. As with all other post-holidays syndrome, moodiness start to set in usually at this time. So I went for a nice breakkie as recommended by the pal, Kam Hwa Bing Ting at Bute Street for its Polo Bun Butter. Wanted to have the chicken wings as well but it wasn’t available until lunch. I was too ambitious and ordered the luncheon meat “gong zai mian” too. It comes in a set of ham, egg, sausage and milk tea. Imagine my bloated-ness after this meal, especially the Polo Bun is quite big and the bun itself alone is enough for a breakfast meal. *serious burps*





I headed to Sham Shui Po for a slow walk, not intending or rather no plans to see or buy anything. Just some leisure walk to get a feel of their local community. But it was still early and the stalls were not opened. It started to rain too, so I took refuge in Dragon City Shopping Centre nearby and guess what, I managed to fuel some purchases here with these shoes ! Each pair costs around SGD18, cheap right ?!



When the stalls at SSP opened, I spotted this small stall where a queue was building up for its Chee Cheong Fun. Even though I wasn’t hungry yet, but I reckon I shouldn’t miss the chance. Hahaha ! So there I goes, I had it packed and saved for a later consumption.



The Chee Cheong Fun is abit different from our local ones. Theirs are the chewier kinds while ours are more on the soft side. Their gravy comes with a slight peanut-ty taste which I suspect peanut oil in addition to sesame oil is used. Overall, it is good but be sure to eat them while they are still lukewarm, otherwise they would be chewy like rubber bands !


I chanced upon a small shopping mall known as Argyle Centre whilst I was at Mongkok. The clothes here are rather like our Far East Shopping Centre kinda with many youngsters and teenagers patronizing this place, especially in the evenings. And whoots !! I swept these dresses off the rack, all at a price of HKD600, which translates to SGD17 a piece. The only con part about this mall is that there is no fitting rooms available in all the shops. So it’s either you take a risk or had it tried in the ladies after the purchase, which is what I did.


With new shoes and dresses now, I guess I need some jewellery to perk myself up too ! How about these beautiful jewellery from Zalora ? From physical to online shopping, I am indeed going all way out ! *Hiaks*

Last day also means “Santa Clausing” day which means buying gifts for everyone back home. I love the street side culture of HK, in particular the areas near Ladies Market. The laid back performances, the sealed-off roads, the bustling crowds make this area “very happening” !







More clothing for the people back home and myself… of coz there are more to add to the list, like Lao Po Bing and Egg Rolls.




Oh yeah, not forgetting to mention I have been dessert-ing quite alot too !

The Double Mango Sago with extra mangoes and sago from 许留山。。。


Signature Mango Pomelo Sago from 发记 。。。


and the Famous Double Skinned Steamed Milk Pudding from Yee Shun Milk Company。。。


Day 4 :
My last meal in HK has to be the favourite porridge again ! This time, it was a hearty meal of 双拼, which includes enormous chunks of fish and meat balls porridge.



HK – I will be back soon ! Hopefully… :)

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