Indeed a Crabby-licious Father’s Day Lunch At House Of Seafood !

It’s been a long long time since I had crabs ! So come the Father’s Day one weekend back, we decided to head to House of Seafood for their yummylicious crabs !! Newly opened at the Punggol Settlement, this area breathes an aura of fresh air and tranquility, especially during the daytime where the crowds appear seemingly diffused. Of course, part of the reason could be due to the scotching heat recently, but still, the place bears a resemblance of the East Coast Park, with the sea, jetty and all, but definitely less the overwhelming and bustling madness.

Understand from the restaurant that dinner reservations are usually full, especially on occasions like such and weekends, so it was quite a blessing that we had it on a lunch basis where we need not had to wait or queue for seats.

The sister was quite surprised that we were served the achar and prawn crackers as light bites for a starter in a seafood restaurant as this would be more commonly associated with a Chinese restaurant instead.


We had the fish maw with crab meat soup to begin our course of delicacies. Rich in collagen and enriched in nutrients, it is best to begin this on an empty stomach to allow the body to absorb all the goodness prior to the upcoming feast.


The Crispy Beancurd with Chef’s Special Sauce may look ordinary on the surface and probably just passed off as another beancurd dish, but we were indeed taken aback by the taste of it ! The freshness of the beancurd is so apparent that from the first bite, you could be assured that the beancurd is hand-made from the kitchen itself using pure soya milk and complete with the chef’s secret recipe in marinating the sauce, the slight crispy beancurd is one you really ought not to missed.


Though the sister sworn by the goodness of the “Qing Long” vegetables which is being served in the restaurant on a very limited basis, it was not available when we were there. We understand from the owner of the restaurant that this kind of vegetables comes in very small quantities only, delivered right from Cameron Highlands everyday in the late afternoon and we were way too early to see it. Therefore, we had our greens satisfied with the Stir Fried Asparagus in sambal sauce. The sambal sauce wasn’t that spicy to begin with and I would reckon the kiddos or those who doesn’t take spice well should be reasonably fine for them.


The Yuan Yang Seafood Fried Rice is another interesting item. We have heard of Yuan Yang Milk Tea and all, but in fried rice ?? How is that possible ? After some checks with the restaurant, we realised the fried rice is deemed Yuan Yang due to the combination of 2 kinds of rice used. White rice with Fried Rice. And when I say Fried Rice here, you might think it’s already a fried rice dish to begin with, so what’s the hidden agenda ? The rice is actually being deep fried to a crisp before stir frying them together with white rice to become Fried Rice eventually. Notice those extra white crisp rice at the top – that is the difference.


Of course we need to have some seafood in a seafood restaurant, don’t we ? Hahaha. Before the highlights of the day, we also ordered the Crispy Squid in sweet and Sour sauce.


And I must say, the entire family love the crabs ! Be it the Black Pepper or Salted Egg Yolk, they are indeed good, very good in fact ! How should I put it ? Maybe we start off with the Black Pepper. It isn’t too spicy or overwhelming as some black pepper crabs do, and the most distinct difference comes from a twinge of sweetness that complements perfectly with the pepperish taste all together.


The Salted Egg Yolk is the next signature that comes right after the Black Pepper. While some restaurants always had the salted egg dish either being too salty or too light, the ones served here are just nicely cooked on an ideal note. The pieces of salted egg could distinctly be felt in a combo of special custard sauce and topped with crispy sweet potato sticks (my guess!), this probably would be my top recommendation for the day!


And you might want to know, that’s a horse riding facility just right across the restaurant and probably the parents would be glad to bring the kids for some fun after the satisfying meal.


House of Seafood is located at :
Punggol Branch (Seaside & Aircon Dining)
3 Punggol Point Road, Singapore 828694
The Punggol Settlement #01-01 & #01-02
(Near Punggol Jetty) More than 200 carpark lots
Tel: (+65) 6466-9000 Fax: (+65) 6467-9000

For other outlets and information, please refer here


With special thanks to Julie and Francis for the warm hospitality and invitation.

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