Celebrate National Day with Pan Pacific Singapore on a new Peranakan Infused High Tea Session !

This has to be the earliest National Day feast that I gonna had. Almost 2 months ahead of time, and well not exactly a feast I would say, but more to a high tea delicacy where the ladies could enjoy a gossip session over a cup of tea. Pan Pacific Hotel has always been quite renowned for its spread of good quality desserts, so come this National Day, they are churning out a new high tea session whereby 2 or more could indulge in some Peranakan delights. As we all know, we used to be a part of Malaysia, so the Peranakan cuisine that originates from the nonya-baba heritage is dated back since then. In conjunction with the upcoming Singapore’s birthday, Pan Pacific is bringing us back to the yester-years where we could enjoy some of these heritage foods through this special theme.

And of course, everyone loves a great deal whenever we sees one. So make a guess on how much this high tea session is gonna be priced at ?
Unexpectedly reasonable at $58++ for TWO and it comes with tea and coffee too ! There you goes, you see it right, it’s for 2. Though it isn’t so much of a buffet spread, but I would reckon the servings portions are deemed definitely fit for more than 2.


Encased in a traditional 4-tier tiffin carrier (in fact, I pretty fancy these traditional carriers as they really bring out the “old school feel”), they come on a fusion of eight different types of Peranakan cum Asian tea snacks.

A quick run through of what you will be enjoying and preferably some recommendations of my favorites too.

I am sure the Nonya Chicken Curry with French Baguette is a common sight in our Asian homes. While I love the curry chicken anytime because of the extra spicy rempah paste, the French Baguette can do better on a shorter toasting time. But right down to every single item in the tiffin is craved from the home kitchen of the hotel itself, it is no wonder that you get the taste of home instantly.



If you were to ask which is my best favourite amongst all, it had to be the Traditional Pandan Layer Cake. To be honest, I am quite weary of those Pandan Kaya cake with bright green colour kaya covering the cake, as they probably contains abit too much of the coloring ? But this one has a faint pastel green which you probably could recognize that it comes on a pure note from pandan juice itself, without the artificial colours and the fragrance of the pandan was readily felt. Even the sister comments that the cake is a better fare than the one I had made ! *so sad lor*


The Open-Face Otak Sandwich was a decent fare. But coming in bite size means you can have more space for the rest ! In fact, did you realize that judging from the servings size of all the items in the tiffin carrier, they could easily fit 3 to 4 ladies while you would only be juggling between the price of a set meant for 2 ? It’s certainly worthwhile, isn’t it ?


Other items that you could find in the carrier includes the Kuay Pie Tee with Sweet Turnip and Prawn, Crispy Homemade Curry Puff, Onde Onde, Tapioca Cake and Kueh Lapis in both pandan and traditional flavour. While I must caution those who love ultra sinful and buttery rich kueh lapis, the ones here are deem lighter and healthier and contains surely less oils.


And I must introduce this for sure !! Do you guys remember the local snack that is often characterized by the colorful sugar frosting that we so often had when we were kids !! Childhood memories indeed !! Gosh, and I was indeed suah ku (aka mountain tortoise) that all I know was to eat them and never ask for its official name. They are known none better than the “Ais Gem” biscuits. But why “Ais Gem” and what dialect does this comes from, you probably gotta ask the experts or your ah gong/ah ma. Hahaha ! Please let me know if you have the answer yeah.


Well, you surely get to munch on this on an unlimited basis as part of the spread. While this probably is the only item that’s not made from the kitchen, but the source of these biscuits is definitely a good one. This proves that the hotel does a stringent job on the appointment of their suppliers ! The biscuits are larger, crunchier and sweeter than the ones we found in provision stores though.


Do book a date with the pals and enjoy a girly-gossipy-session over the Peranakan Afternoon Tea at the Pacific Marketplace now ! Below are the details.

Date: 16 June to 9 August 2014
Time: 3pm to 5pm
Price: $58++ for two adults with tea and coffee
Venue: Pacific Marketplace (Ground Level), 7 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039595
Website: pacificmarketplace.sg
For dining reservations and enquiries, please call +65 6826 8240, email celebrate.sin@panpacific.com

Oh, on a side note, the Pacific Marketplace is a relatively newly-renovated place and you could probably go for a walk round the cafe and grab for yourself some of these sausages that are produced from the hotel kitchen itself. And it’s not often that you get to see hotels producing their own products and selling them in retail supermarkets, I must say the sausages are really delicious ! I could jump on the cheese ones anytime. How about you ? :)


Have a lovely mid-week, folks !


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