Simple & Delicious Japanese Egg Potato Salad with Sweet Corns 简易爽口的日式马铃薯沙拉

It’s such a irony that I went to this ramen shop for lunch and realised instead that the side dishes are in fact tastier than the ramen course itself ! We had some free flow of hard boiled eggs and compiled with a serving of mashed potatoes served separately. As it’s a Japanese restaurant, they have carefully allowed for self served Japanese mayonnaise too !

Japanese mayonnaise is available in this form, if they may ask. It’s also known as the golden mayonnaise where egg yolks forms part of the ingredients.


Compared to the American style of mayonnaise, I much preferred the Jap style anytime. As bread fillings or salads condiments, they are richer in taste and even the old folks who tend to shun away from such condiments, are able to accept it. But somehow, it’s certainly a no-no for the American kind of mayonnaise. In my humble opinion, probably the addition of egg yolks make it less sourish and more bearable. And since I am never a salad person, but this particular combination works so fine for me that I decided to replicate the same back at home.

The Japanese Egg Potato Salad… with…. extra sweet corns !


Of course, you are free to come off with any extras that you think you would enjoy. And because it’s really a simple affair, anyone can whip it up anytime. It’s indeed such a satisfying dish that I suppose it can passed off as a meal by itself anytime though ideally, having them as a side complement is better as it makes you just wanna eat more !


With US russet potatoes, the bigger sizes meant that you has lesser potatoes to peel and the texture of it makes them ideal for mashing as they turn soft in no time after cooked.


And I used fresh sweet corns too for the extra crunch and sweetness!

I am never a salad person to begin with, but for this exceptional one, I could jolly well accept. It’s just like the infamous K*C whipped potato but without the rather unhealthy sauce and having it replaced with the toppings of your own desire.


As you can see from the recipe below, it’s seriously quite a no-brainer dish ! So whether you are alone at home or preparing for a party, this simple and delicious salad is bound to provide you with a fuss-free complement.

So let’s just tuck in !!

Japanese Egg Potato Sweet Corn Salad

By Eat What Tonight Published: May 6, 2014

  • Yield: 5-6 Servings
  • Prep: 30 mins
  • Cook: 15 mins
  • Ready In: 45 mins

It's such a irony that I went to this ramen shop for lunch and realised instead that the side dishes are in fact tastier than the …



  1. Wash the eggs clean. Place the eggs, potatoes and sweet corn into boiling water and cooked till the potatoes turn mashy.
  2. Remove the shells of the eggs and Scrape the corns. Mash them together with the hard boiled eggs and potatoes until the potatoes are smooth in texture. Add in pepper and seasoning. Serve.

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