Purchase, top-up and earn loyalty points with first-of-its-kind mobile app at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®

If you have been a movie go-er or been noticing tv commercials previously, not sure if you guys remember that’s this advertisement by the credit card company that allows people to tap and go with their purchases and a guy whom suddenly took out his dollars and cents, jammed up the queue entirely and caused a hiatus amongst those after him.

Not exactly sure why but this new mobile app by Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf now somehow reminds me of that. The first-of-its kind mobile app that takes on the idea of mobile purchases and brings convenience to another height as one basically could just tap and go with the purchase, but this time, with the mobile instead ! Yes, you heard it right, it’s the mobile and no longer a prepaid card or any other cards that you need to remind yourself to carry along and adding that extra pound to the wallet. Because almost everyone has a smartphone now and all it takes are a few touch of the buttons on the app and you are quick to grab that coffee or a slice of cake to go.

Called it a mobile wallet, it’s an all in one feature where E-payment, E-loyalty redepmption, E-vouchers, integrates itself to deliver new levels of customer Experience and Efficiency. It all begins with the letter ‘E’ !

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By downloading The Coffee Bean Mobile App to their smart phones and loading it with value anytime, anywhere with a credit card or at selected The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® outlets, customers can enjoy quick, cashless purchasing experience at the touch of a button on their smart phones at digital scanners at the store counters. They can reload their mobile wallet with their credit card through the app itself or at the outlets when the value runs low. Other useful features of the app include transaction history, e-vouchers, news feeds of the latest special events and promotions, drinks listing, personalized greeting, store locator and operating hours.

Shall we have a quick run-through on how this nifty tool concoct itself in the tech-savvy world nowadays, being the first of its kind in every sorts.

The Coffee Bean Mobile App can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store. By completing a one-time simple registration, customers will enjoy a complimentary $5 e-voucher. Other rewards include a complimentary slice of cake during their birthday month and double bean points when they purchase on their birthday.


Not sure what to order ? Well, fret not. You probably don’t even need to waste the effort standing around the counters, trying to catch a glimpse of the wordy menu hanging on the wall. The keywords now are, touch, scroll and tap !

Product Menu_List

Product Menu_Cover

Rush for time too ? No worries, place your order, present your “magical wand” for payment and you are good to go !

Pay Now

Buying for an event or running errands for others where you probably need a receipt to claim ? That’s even better, it all goes green now with paperless transaction advice with E-mail record function.

Transcation Advice

Transaction Advice_2

Brilliant, isn’t it ? That’s not all. The Coffee Bean Mobile App also doubles up as a loyalty app that rewards regular customers with loyalty points called “BEANS” which can be subsequently redeemed against purchases at the outlets.


And if you find your e-wallet running low on value, topping it up just couldn’t be made more convenient with the app. I would say….You can simply ditch the queues for good now !

Top Up

TThe digital era has brought about much changes to our lifestyles and all is just made better, simpler and more convenient ! With all these enhancements from your favourite coffee chain, do grab your Smartphone now and start utilizing the Smart features, as a Smart consumer !

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  1. Hi there! So topping up just means using credit card? :)

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