Megumi Japanese Restaurant @ East Coast Road

As you have noticed, I probably have been baking too much without eating well nowadays ! So here I come, a short review of a pretty decent and relatively good Japanese restaurant that I patronize recently. And of coz, this is a non-sponsored post yeah.

Located along East Coast Road, this small restaurant would probably not be as eye-catching as those big names. But for a dinner on a Monday night, while the rest of the restaurants beside it are seemingly quiet, this place is bustling with at least 80% filled crowds, which is rather amazing for such a bluey evening.

Whilst the price range is probably slightly pricier than that of Sushi Tei, the quality of food fares much better too.


As you can see, the sashimi comes in generously thick slices and in terms of freshness, I would think they do not pale in comparison to those fine dining areas.


The grilled scallop with baked cheese is indeed something to die for, whilst I never failed to order this item at any Japanese restaurant, the scallops here are huge in size and the tender grill makes it all the more succulent and delicious. The pictures might not do the scallops a good justice as they are all embedded and hidden from view from the abundance toppings !


As mushroom fans, this is something you ought to try too. The different types of mushrooms being stir fried with their secret recipe sauce. Coming off as a sweet and savoury dish, probably an between of the oyster and teriyaki sauce I would think, every bite of the mushroom is infused neatly with the sumptuous sauce.



Of course we had some other items on the menu too as above, while generally ok, the overall quality of food is still an above average one and with the decent prices, it’s a no wonder that this place is still quite brimmed with crowds even on the lousiest Monday night.

Megumi Japanese Restaurant is located at :
#02-03, Lodge 77, 77 Upper East Coast Road
Tel : 62430700
Hours :
Daily: 11:30 – 14:30
Daily: 17:30 – 22:00

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