OWL Serves up 3 new Special Recipe Instant Milk Teas for the World to Enjoy !

Singapore’s  award-­‐winning  Straits Asian coffee and tea favourite OWL has added more enticing recipes to get its loyal followers hooting for more.

OWL will be launching three new and unique OWL Special Recipe Instant Milk Teas – Thai Iced Tea, Hong Kong Yuan Yang and Singapore Teh Tarik -this month to add to its slew of award-­‐winners.

Special Recipe Tea Range

The new OWL Thai Iced Tea embodifies all that is good of a “cha yen’’ in Thailand, promising to put a smile on your face from the Land of Smiles. Made from a strongly brewed tea that is noted for its burst of flavours, Thai Iced Tea is desired not only in South-­‐east  Asia but the world over. OWL Thai Iced Tea can thus now be enjoyed hot or cold in the comfort of your homes or offices.

OWL Thai Ice Tea

 There is regional and global thirst for OWL’s Hong Kong Yuan Yang tea as well. Yuan Yang is one of the most popular hot or cold beverages in Hong Kong as it perfectly combines the flavours of a soothing milk tea with the robustness of a good coffee.

OWL Hong Kong Yuan YangIt would not be OWL to not produce a uniquely Singapore tea. After all, OWL has been serving Singapore and been a home favourite for the past 58 years. The OWL Singapore Teh Tarik is a hot milk tea which has Indian origins. It is a local favourite which was birthed from quaint road side stalls and coffee shops. Teh Tarik in Malay means “pulled tea’’. It is the result of the back and forth “pulling action’’ of the beverage, causing a thick, sumptuous, frothy top to emerge above the satisfying beverage. With Indian roots and a Malay name – and enjoyed by those races and even more Chinese and even Caucasians – OWL Singapore Teh Tarik is truly, uniquely Singapore, a special recipe for every home.

OWL Singapore Tea Tarik

The OWL Special Recipe teas follow the recent successful launch of OWL’s White Coffee Tarik Special Recipe range. Consumer reception has been tremendous for OWL’s White Coffee Tarik Original, Brown Sugar White, Hazelnut, Coconut Sugar and Coffee with Creamer and this recent launch further strengthens and consolidates OWL Special Recipes range as a true leader in the market.

White Coffee Tarik Range

What’s  more,  there  are  wonderful  prizes  of  holiday  vouchers  worth S$6,000 to Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore to be won!

From today till 19 April 2014, simply purchase any OWL Special Recipe range product, fill in the contest form with the attached receipt and you could be on your way to a $2,000 holiday in Hong Kong, Thailand or enjoy a staycation in Singapore! Customers can also email their entry to contest@owl.com.sg with complete personal details and receipt copy. Entries close 22 April 2014.

Thank you Jasmine of MNC Group and Own International for the gift of thought. :)

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