Aww….Mummy’s Pig Agar-Agar Jelly !!!!~~~~

The mama used to be very good at agar-agar jelly, but her legs aren’t in good condition these recent years, therefore she has since “retired” much from the home kitchen. Instead the papa took over the role and because of an up coming birthday chalet that the sister had so duly organised for him, he decided to churn out some agar-agar for everyone. And also because I simply had tooooo much baking moulds being under-utilised, so I helpfully contributed my part by digging into all my toys for an interesting one.

Since we wasn’t sure what to expect as it has been a long while we home-made our agar-agar, we basically utilised the rule of “agar-ration” too. Hahaha. Imagine Agar your own agar-agar ? Sounds chim hor. But in fact, it’s very simple, easier than baking I would think. No matter how you make up your agar-agar, they can still be eaten, just whether presentable or not only. Agree ?

But I would suggest using moulds that comes with a deeper imprint if you are expecting something more “3D” and these will tend to stand out better.


Basically I won’t even consider this a recipe since you will just be following instructions on the back of the packet of agar-agar powder. It’s pretty straightforward, boil 1 litre of water with one pack of powder, together with 250 grams of sugar. Of course, you are free to adjust the amount of sugar according to your desired sweetness and a slightly lesser amount of water, said 800-900 ml would work better so that the agar-agar will be more firm and doesn’t produce water that easily if left unattended.


Then you just need to slowly work around the mould in layers. Keep the agar-agar mixture on low fire while you proceed to work on the layers. For this particular mummy pig as I would so called (and will be following up in a later post with the babies pig), as the areas for the eyes and ears are quite big, so grass jelly were used to stuff the dents to make up for the darker color. When the agar-agar mixture is ready, mix some red coloring to it and pour into the mould. Amount is purely as desired, depending on whether you would be having a 2nd layer and so forth.


For ours, we had only 2 layers. My next layer comes with the addition of coconut milk to the agar-agar mixture. Well, if given a choice, I would certainly make a 100% coconut milk agar-agar ! Hahaha ! It’s very fragrant and give the otherwise plain agar-agar a boost in taste. Once the red colored agar-agar is set (cooled and firm to touch), proceed to add the coconut milk agar-agar mixture and leave to set.


Agar-agar is best eaten chilled, therefore please proceed to chill it further in the fridge after it has cooled down. Do not place it in the fridge whilst it is still hot as this will spoil your fridge !

Opps, and we realised we had missed out the iconic pig’s nose after removing it from the mould ! So we tried and make do with some extra coconut milk agar-agar and stuffed it into the nose, as you can see !! So abit kinda way out !! Hahaha…


Tadah !! And you are done with your agar-ration agar-agar !

In case you wondering how my mould looks like, here it is. I purchased it from Rakuten Japan several years back, but I guess it’s not that difficult to find these moulds now, since there are many of such kinds on Taobao or Q0010 now, and at a cheaper price somemore.


Hope you love this mummy pig and the little babies pigs will be sprouting up soon !! Stay tuned.


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