Kaya Gao Gao (Thick Thick) on my Kaya Cheese Buns ^_^

I am really on a bread making hiatus recently and unwittingly spammed people around me with all sorts of breads. But hey, it’s home made bread ok, so they should count their blessings right. I love sweet bread dough anytime, as they can literally go with any kinds of fillings, from salted ham to sweet custard, they taste equally good. And guess what I spammed the bread dough with this time ?!

Hehe… yes as the title implies, a combination of sweet kaya jam and grated cheddar cheese !! Does the combi works ? I would say…. YES, and absolutely ! Of course, it will be perfect if you made your own coconut jam. You can refer to my previous link here for the making of it.  But this time, I used store-bought kaya jam instead. A dollop within the buns as filling and spreading them across the buns as topping right after the grated cheese. For an extra kick, you could sprinkle some sugar over the top as well for that extra bit of crunch right after baking while the bread is still very warm.


My initial plan was to pipe the kaya jam neatly across the top in perhaps some criss-cross patterns but it got too runny after been out of the fridge for some time and it accidentally became a “splatter” all over. So please pardon the messiness yeah.


And this is what I meant by spamming my breads with fillings and toppings ! A whole dollop of kaya jam overflowing everywhere ! Hehehe. But if you prefer it less sweet, do go easy on the kaya jam and you probably could give the sugar sprinkles a miss after baking.


I first tried this bread from a neighbourhood bakery and their version basically only consist of the kaya and cheese as topping over the buns. But since I love my kaya jam to be gao gao (thick thick) anytime, be it on toast or bread, I decided to give my little buns a premium boost and wrapped more kaya jam within the  buns as filling.


To add on to the advantage of kneading buns in this manner as from my previous post, you could pull off a single piece anytime and finished them up easily instead of a full size bun where you probably would not be able to finish them in one go, and leaving it half eaten deprived others from having it and it will probably go to waste thereafter.

Seriously, I think I don’t have patience to wait for my baked goods to cool down even slightly before I removed them from the pan, especially for breads as they tasted the best whilst still in a very warm state. So anxiety dented the bread abit and I had to rush through the photography to ensure that I could eat the breads before they start to cool down. *Slurps* ^~^


And so…. it’s time to Chiat Roti (eat bread) again lor…. *Hiaks*

Kaya Cheese Bread

By Eat What Tonight Published: April 15, 2014

  • Yield: 1-1.1 kg of bread (5-6 Servings)

I am really on a bread making hiatus recently and unwittingly spammed people around me with all sorts of breads. But hey, it's home …



  1. Divide sweet dough into 25-30g each portion and wrap up kaya jam filling (amount as desired) and form into balls. Leave in a warm humid place to proof for a further 45-50 minutes.
  2. Sprinkle the buns with grated cheddar cheese and pipe kaya jam all over it (amount as desired).
  3. Bake at 190 degress for 15 minutes or till golden brown. Sprinkle castor sugar all over the surface (optional) and serve.

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