Doesn’t these little cuties amused you ? Smile ~~ It’s TGIF !

Just a short ranting before the weekends !

Awww….this is hard work…. ok, not exactly that tough, but really trains your eye for details ! Especially the features on the piggies’ face ! So, if you notice it carefully, you can spot some defects, thus not perfectly done up still… But nevertheless, still cute right ? I had a good laugh when the piggies are unmould. They just look so funny looking… Don’t you think so ?


Similar to the previous posting, this is agar agar jelly is made out of a silicon mould. The mould is bought from Rakuten Japan several years back too, much to many’s queries. But I guess you can get this mould easily from other websites at a much cheaper price now.

The key to ensuring this agar agar jelly turns out nice… is to have steady hands and perfect eyesight !


The rest are really mediocre, you could start off the layers with the eyes and ears, followed by the nose and lastly the face. And guess which is my favorite amongst all ??

And it has to be…..
HER !!!


Hahaha ! The specs make this little fellow look so studious and comical looking. Don’t you think so ?


Erm… I can’t really define a recipe for this as you probably can follow from my previous post here that this is made out of agar agar powder whereby instructions are clearly listed on the packaging and all you gotta do is to fill it up with colors and you are good to go.


Glad that many people love these little delicacies and hope that they do put on a cheer to your face right away !

Happy weekend, folks !

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