Chiak Cha Peng lor ! Have a Sambal Seafood Fried Rice neh ~~

Many people have been commenting that it is dangerous to go over the causeway, and were surprised that I do it quite regularly. Even if they do, they chose to stay within JB City Square. Unless you are driving and perhaps have an agenda for going over for your groceries shopping, for us, we prefer to take the bus in and roam in Holiday Plaza for our beauty and shopping needs.

Here’s a typical day of our journey in JB.

We start off the journey around 10am. Hop onto the bus at Kranji Mrt, cross the customs, take a cab from City Square to KSL City for our lunch.

Take the shuttle bus service thereafter to Holiday Plaza where we could stay there for a good few hours, from hair to massage to toiletries shopping, the prices thereby is definitely 30-40% lower than City Square.

By the time we conclude all our activities at Holiday Plaza, it would probably be near early evening. We took off another cab back to City Square for our dinner and for me, would proceed to either MPH or Popular Bookstore to source for cooking/baking books. Due to the favourable exchange rate, you would be able to get such books at pretty discounted prices as compared to Singapore. And if you are a member of the Popular Bookstore, you could jolly well be entitled to the same discount as you would enjoyed here. So that makes it an even better deal.

Of course, there are other shopping that we would go for, shoes, toys or even pastries to lug back. There used to be the clothing retailer, Mango available but had recently closed down. So that disappoint us quite a fair bit. And by the time we are done, it would probably be in the 7ish in the evening and time we gotta head back. While the journey back probably takes another hour plus or so, we would try, as much as possible, to leave JB before the skies get real dark.

So if you asked me what’s there to do and see in JB for a day ? The above probably illustrates it all. And most of the times, we still felt that there simply wasn’t enough time for us !! Hahaha !

And if you are hungry again by the time you got back home from the day’s journey, and needed to whip up something deliciously simple and fast, here’s a Sambal Seafood Fried Rice ! I do have a penchant for all things fried rice, how about you ? Probably because we had a small family nucleus and cooking up a storm can be more expensive than dining out. Therefore, simple one-dish meal has become quite a norm in the household, with minimal washing up as well !


Of course, you are free to prepare your sambal paste from scratch. But I didn’t and use the ready ones available. In fact, there were a whole lot of fish fillet, prawns, leftover ham and egg whites from the bread making, all chunk into the fried rice. In this way, no food goes to waste.


Time to Chiak Cha Peng (Eat Fried Rice in Hokkien dialect) lor !!

And it’s FRIDAY’s eve ! Does it excite you more now upon hearing the word “Friday”? Hahaha !!



Sambal Seafood Fried Rice

By Eat What Tonight Published: April 10, 2014

  • Yield: 3-4 servings Servings
  • Prep: 15 mins
  • Cook: 10 mins
  • Ready In: 25 mins

Many people have been commenting that it is dangerous to go over the causeway, and were surprised that I do it quite regularly. Even …



  1. Heat 1 tbsp of cooking oil in a wok. Stir-fried minced garlic until fragrant. Add prawns, fish fillet, crabsticks and chopped ham. Stir-fried until cooked.
  2. Add egg and stir fried slightly until soft and cooked. Add seasonings. Stir-fried evenly. Add rice and stir-fried until fragrant. Remove and transfer to a plate. Serve with fried shallots.

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