The Egg Master !!

Convenience does come at a price ! I wiped a few items from Q0010 recently that I felt I am getting uncontrollable !! Hahaha. Amongst all, I gotten myself an Egg Master and EggCracker which I find them quite interesting to “play with”. At the rate my kitchenware is expanding, I think I would need a huge kitchen for my next house. If anyone has bought these stuffs before, do feel free to share any creative ways to utilize them. Here are my recent damages…

Pictures from Qoo10 website :

                                    eggmaster eggcracker

While the Egg Cracker was still on the way, I was fiddling through the Egg Master already.

Here’s how it works : Easy as a breeze though…Power it on, when the light changes from red to green, drip a few drops of oil into it, crack 2 eggs and woollaa…. a stick of piping hot grilled egg would be popping its way out ! The whole process takes approximately 6 minutes.


The egg is abit plain on the tastebuds. Shall tried to season the egg with some pepper and soy sauce and grilled it with the sausages next time. It should taste even better !! Hehehe.

This EggMaster seems like quite a hit on the online purchase. Hope you guys had fun “playing” with them too!


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