[Recipe] Vanilla Egg Custard Hot Cross Buns

It has been a productive weekend for me !! Baking, baking and cooking stuffs. And of course, starting on a new Korean drama, catching up on the latest HK serials too, and not forgetting my monthly pedicure session ! Ok, that’s my life for now. Pretty boring, isn’t it ? Probably also the heat coming down quite badly these days, I decided to stay indoors most of the time. Even then, that does not really help me to save money. :( That’s such a thing called online shopping now lor. Geez. And the worst part is that the house currently do not have wifi and all that I am using is via the hotspot utility from the mobile. Imagine chalking up a 7GB usage in less than 2 weeks. I really ought to control abit yeah.

Well, the reason is that I usually have the Internet access whilst at work and most of the time is spent in the office, so I forsake the idea of subscribing to the internet access at home and my personal laptop is now very much under utilized. So that probably gives me a good reason to save on the internet subscription fees. But I would, for sure hopes that anyone could loan me their wifi connection once my mobile data plan exceeded. Or I can be pretty cheapo to head to Starbucks to tap on their free wifi connection to load all my shows, which I haven’t tried yet… but seriously contemplating. Heehee.

While hot weather are good days for making bread as they proof easily and faster, they are also a cause of concern for me as bread making usually take up to 4 hours or so and staying that equivalent time in the hot and humid kitchen can be a dread.

Fortunately the end product is a blessing and the hard work does pay off.


For those preparing for Easter and doesn’t like spice or cinnamon stuffs like me, this is a good alternative for the traditional hot-cross buns since egg custard are generally more favored.


Imagine if I have some salted egg yolk on hand to add to the custard, it would be a typical case of salted egg yolk custard bread. Wow, I reckon that should be soooo yummylicious. Ok, that shall be next on the list.




Look at the amount of egg custard oozing out… bustling with goodness lor.. hahaha.. that’s the beauty of home-made stuffs. Skin little little, filling lots lots. ^-^


Although there are many kinds of bread in the market, but there will always be some home favorites that we stick to all the while. Not sure about you guys, but that’s very apparent for me. I don’t mind trying out new stuffs for the sake of trying, but so far, my favorites are still the good old classics like ham and cheese, kaya, coconut, curry, butter sugar and the hotdogs. That’s why if you notice, my bread making evolves mostly around these flavors only. I rather bake something that most of the family members can accept and able to polish everything off rather than making something only one or few others does and the rest of the bakes will go to waste.

Fortunately this custard bun is still quite likable by the majority, with the exception of the mum who doesn’t take custard. But she has the ham and cheese buns to fall back, so everyone is happy ! 皆大欢喜 ! And I shall blog more about this in the next post ! Here’s a preview picture for a start.

Ham N Cheese

I had posted the basic sweet bread dough before in one of the previous recipe. So here’s the custard filling recipe to share.

Happy bluey Mondays, everyone !!


Vanilla Egg Custard

By Eat What Tonight Published: March 31, 2014

  • Yield: 1 - 1.1kg of bread (5-6 Servings)

-Adapted from Agnes Chang "I Can Bake"-



  1. Custard Filling : Mix A in a small pot. Bring B milk to boil, then pour into A and mix well. Return to fire, stir and cook till boiling, add butter and stir well till smooth. Remove from fire, add egg yolk and vanilla. Stir well and leave to cool before using.
  2. Divide sweet dough into 25-30g each portion and wrap up filling and form into balls. Leave in a warm humid place to proof for a further 45-50 minutes.
  3. Brush with beaten egg and pipe a cross using the custard filling before baking at 190 degress for 15 minutes or till golden brown.

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