[Recipe] Cheesie Little Buns 芝士小面包

Artisan bread stores have been sprouting out in the island recently and they are pretty expensive in my humble opinion, with each bread ranging from $3 and above. To be honest, my personal preference are still those from the old school bakeries whereby the bread is soft and fluffy. Not that artisan breads are not good as I understand that some people do prefer denser and harder breads as they love the chewy texture that comes with it. However, I find that it’s easier to churn out denser cakes or breads as compared to soft and fluffy bakes. Whenever we over-mixed a bake, the end result is always a denser and harder texture. So theoretically speaking, denser bakes can be a result of over-stirring or mixing which makes them easier to achieve as compared to soft and light textures which comes only with the appropriate timing and skills.

But there are indeed some kinds of bakes that requires the texture to be dense so that they taste better, such as the rich chocolate cake or the new york cheesecake to name a few. For breads wise, harder and denser texture breads are never my top favorites. They probably would get my gums aching from chewing too long ! Hahaha !

It has been sometime since I make my own breads and my first attempt after the long break has indeed not been such a presentable one. :(


Though it’s still edible, but some of the parts, as you can see, have been overbaked. I used a huge rectangular pan this time and this results in the cheese at the sides of the bread being overbaked while the ones in the middle of the pan remain fine. This is probably a result of the sides of the pan getting heated up much faster. I shall eliminate this pan from baking breads in the future. A smaller size and one that’s of a square or round shape should do the trick neater.


This is essentially a cheese stick bread, but having them made in small buns size with each dough weighing no more than 30 grams. I wrapped some custard filling within, sprinkled grated cheddar cheese and topped it with sugar coating. And yes, the texture of the bread remains soft and good till the next day. ^-^


The sweet bread dough from Alex Goh is a trustworthy recipe that can be used for essentially all kinds of bread. Anyone is aware of the “Bunnies” bread store at Chinatown People’s Park Complex ? They serve mini breads in 6 for each loaf at a price of $1.40 and comes in a wide variety of fillings. I have always enjoyed the little portions that come with it. Bread can be a very filling staple food and because “Bunnies” sell them in such a delicate size, they can be easily shared without over-consuming. Inspiration from that, I enjoy making my breads in such little servings as well.



Am going to make more of these breads this coming weekend ! Though not as nicely presented as it should have been, but the versatile sweet bread dough is still a winner. So below the recipe to share. Happy breading !! ^-^


Basic Sweet Bread Dough

By Eat What Tonight Published: March 27, 2014

  • Yield: 1kg of bread (4-5 Servings)

-recipe adapted from Alex Goh's Magic Bread-



  1. Add the boiling water from A into the flour and mix until well blended to form a dough. Cover and set aside to cool. Keep it in the fridge for at least 12 hours.
  2. Mix B until well-blended. Add in C and knead to form a rough dough. Add in A and knead until well blend.
  3. Add in D and knead to form an elastic dough.
  4. Let it proof for 40 mins or until it doubled in volume.
  5. Divide the dough into required weigh and mould it round. Let it rest for 10 minutes and ready to use. Shape and add fillings as desired.

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