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A hybrid of a korean style country resort with the extra elements of a fairy tale dream. A dream house that I would love to own but even dining at the place itself would have been such a pleasure already.


Upon stepping into the restaurant gives us a totally different revelation from the outside world. Covered entirely in patches of green, the place is brightly spruced with warm country style decor that makes one feel right at home.


Because I had just finished a Korean drama myself, I could probably reconcile the type of decor that Korean homes has in close proximity to this place.


It’s tough to describe the ambience of the place in words as you probably gotta see for yourself. So I shall let the pictures do all the talking here ! It’s pretty much a girly place as you can see and it’s probably the only restaurant in that area that is packed with girls gatherings even on a weekday night.


Don’t you just love this grand piano in pure white ? Though I don’t play the piano, but I could feel the romance in the air already with such a display.


And for those who are contemplating a wedding reception here, there are even wedding gowns for rental ! As the name of the restaurant implies, Blisshouse simply means a place full of bliss and happiness which makes it an ideal location for the matrimonial ceremony!


Every piece of furniture in the house is beautifully crafted with hues of white tones that not only lit up the place well but also brought about the spaciousness of the “house”.


I would to be couch potatoes on these luxurious sofa sets ! Well, to be frank, I used to adore these styles of furniture alot and almost wanted to get them all for the own house. But I guess the price tag and maintenance kind of turn me off quite a fair bit so there goes my dream home !


And if you need to hold a private dining session, this long table works its purpose well by having it segregated from the rest of the restaurant in a room by itself ! Did you notice the tv on the wall is in white too ?


And the private dining room comes with this ceiling chandelier that makes it look all the more classier and tasteful.


OMG, there’s a fireplace too ! Somehow it reminds me of my trip to Korea several years ago ! When the Korean drama “Winter Sonata” was at its peak then, I was so fascinated by the ski resort that I found my way to Korea. But the tour package that I signed up with was such a disappointment that I didn’t get to the ski resort which was promised and which was featured in the drama as I was being moved to another resort which doesn’t have a fireplace at all !


Does all these sweet little pieces of display made you feel like you are at home rather than in a restaurant ?



Make a wish, make a wish ! There’s a water fountain right in the middle of the restaurant. This intrinsic display is certainly an eye catcher and be sure that you need NOT toss a coin to make a wish ! ^-^


Because the Korean drama that I had just completed is still fresh in my mind now, this masterpiece reminds me of the garden setting that the guy had used to made his proposal. Well again, it’s just a show after all. I seriously doubt if anyone would made their proposal under this kind of setting. But this sure marks a brilliant idea for photos taking, even if its with your best pals and girlfriends.


The carriage where the prince charming comes with, to pick her cinderalla ! Perfect for the Honeymooners and Just Married !!~~


I called this “The Tree of Love” where time stopped for those madly in love. Hehehe.


And beneath that are all the sweet treats and chocolates that add onto the sweet nothings of the love birds !


For the guys ~ not so much a place for you but certainly one for your love.



After much hooha from the decor and all, it’s time to get hungry for the real deal ~ FOOD !


The signature drinks are named after Bliss, Happiness, etc and it probably wants you to feel so blissful after having it that you would keep coming back for more ?! ^-^ And here’s a Bliss’s Vanilla Mango Happiness (S$12++) to share the bliss with everyone !


For a starter, we had the Pan-seared Marinated Scallop and Prawns ($22++). A pretty decent serving, I would say and you could probably taste the freshness of the seafood that is lightly marinated.


The Caesar Salad with smoked Salmon ($16++) comes off with an abundance of fresh romaine lettuce tossed in Caesar dressing and served with onions, poached eggs, bacon strips and crostini. Though a simple presentation of a salad, what’s most remarkable is that poached eggs have been used instead of the usual hard boiled eggs.


The wet weather nowdays certainly calls for a bowl of warm velvety Wild Mushroom Soup (S$8++) that’s topped with Truffle Oil droplets for that extra aroma and inviting flavour.


I must admit  there’s still room for improvisation for my photo taking skills. I am sorry if this dish doesn’t look tasteful ! The Tomato Pesto Oven Baked Cod Fish ($38++) is coated with sundried tomato pesto on white Mornay Sauce, roasted potatoes, baby asparagus topped with light carrot and cucumber slew. While having it baked rather than pan fried, the cod fish manages to retain its freshness and succulence and the roasted potatoes and asparagus make surprisingly delights to the overall cuisine.


The pal has her Chicken Roulade (S$19++) which is made up of the butterflied chicken leg, rolled up with sauteed mushrooms and wrapped with bacon. Cooked via the sous vide method till soft and finished off in the oven for the extra crisp and served with potato wedges.


We completes our course of dinner with a Tiramisu dessert (S$11++). Armed with rich mascarpone cheese and coffee liquer, this all time dessert delight ends our day on a sweet note.


Blisshouse Singapore is ideally located at : DSC_0176

6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #03-21,
The Central, Singapore 059817
Phone:  (65) 6225 5532
Email:  enquiries@blisshouse.com.sg​
Website : http://www.blisshouse.com.sg/ 
We’re open 1200pm till 11pm
Monday – Sunday

With special thanks to Nicole of Streetdirectory and Blisshouse Singapore for the kind arrangement and invitation!


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