Imperial Lunar New Year Treasures awaits you at Park Palace !!

Lalallalallala… everyone has been in such a joyous mood because all the festives are just round the corner. Though I am not having any year end holidays this year, but I make sure I utilise my excess time into good use by going into more bazaars and fleas with the cookies. Hardworking not ? Hehehe. My long break will come during the CNY where I guess my faithful companion will be my bed throughout then. And other than the festive, December is a good time for shopping, dolling up, makan escapades because everyone is gonna have extra moolah ! Counting down to bonus payout too !! Hip hip hooray !!!

And it’s also time to rethink of resolutions for the new year too ! I had mine wrote down in a notebook that I carry with me everyday. When I went back to reflect on it few days ago, I am glad I manage to accomplish most of the important ones and surprisingly manage to surpass some of them too. *-*

Here’s what I had actually :

1) To travel at least 3 times a year ~ I went Beijing, Adelaide & Melbourne and Hong Kong !  ~ ACCOMPLISHED !

2) To save at least $XX,XXX amount of $$ ! ~ ACCOMPLISHED and surpassed too !!

3) To set up an online store !! ~ ACCOMPLISHED with !!

4) To lose weight !! ~ Should I say I manage to resolve abit ? Hahaha. Though I never specifically determined how much I need to lose, but abit is also considered achieved, right. Hehehe.

5) To achieve higher level of baking skills ~ this is something I find it quite a pity. Though I could easily brush it off with lack of time as a good excuse, but I guess I really need to buck up. I used to be able to bake like at least once a week but now even once a month seems such a luxury. Sigh. It shall continued into my 2014 resolutions.

Ok, the rest are more personal and less important resolutions and shall be cast aside for the time being. So guys, when will you be planning for your 2014 resolutions then ? Anything similar to mine ? Hehehe.

And when Christmas is near but still, not surpassed, I am already on my way to tuck myself into sumptuous Lunar New Year cuisine ! Hahaha. Probably my first ever so early Lou Hei for the season. So shall we ditch that Santa hat for the time being and head onto the chopsticks and toss ourselves into the symbolic Yu Sheng with prosperity and fortunes !

I am gonna be so “evil” and salivate your guys with exquisite and luxurious Lunar New Year offerings from award-winning Park Palace-Grand Park City Hall, for now ! Hiaks.

Imperial Five Treasures Golden Shunde Yu Sheng – $888++


Does the hefty price hit you hard ? At such an imperial price as it entails, be assured of all the luxurious goodness and treasures for that ultimate culinary indulgence that you would not normally be seeing. Boasting of the five prized treasures of the sea – Abalone, Lobster, Geoduck Clam, Salmon and Hamachi topped with Caviar and Fish Roe, and delicately presented in the shape of cherry blossoms.


Other than the dish beckoning of exquisite contents, what’s made unique and which probably also explains for the extra premium in terms of dollars and cents, crispy silver fish is embedded within to give that extra crunch and and tossed in a special concoction of premium seasoning while making allowance for the freshness of the seafood to shine through without over empowering the overall taste buds. Nice to see, good to eat, this premium delicacy has to be made at least 7 days in advance, showcasing the amount of laborious effort injected into a single offering.

Thus, toss as high as you can, to everlasting fortune and happiness !!


Park Palace’s signature Imperial Suckling Pig ~ $255 nett.

We had this twice on the menu which kept me puzzling for awhile. Before the dessert, the menu presented another Oven-baked Imperial Suckling Pig with Lemongrass. Of course as Asians, most of us love that bit of unhealthy fats on a suckling pig’s skin, especially if it had been roasted to a well crisp that’s succulently moist.

Likewise to our grandparents’ or great grandparents’ generation when we have that special bottle of icy soft drink only on Lunar New Year, a suckling pig is deemed the same on a festive dinner. I mean, I won’t be asking for a suckling pig dinner on a daily occasion in the usual days. Therefore, what’s so prized about the suckling is that we don’t get to have it often PLUS the fact that we are not able to prepare this at home ourselves too. Enjoying your feast on this delicacy becomes an utmost importance.

Suckling Pig

While we often pay a premium for the entire suckling pig, what we savor on are often the skin only. At Park Palace, they had the suckling pig served in 2 separate sessions where you get to bask on the skin for a start and the remaining will be sent to the oven to be baked, preserving every bit of the edibles to the max. Nothing is wasted and you can be assured of the price that you are paying for is not compromised. Worthy of it all the way. ^-^

Double-boiled Pot of Fortune with Superior Shark’s Fins, Chicken & Wanton

Sharks Fins

I know some of us may frown upon this but still, it’s still a delicacy to many. Thick luscious soup base that has been double boiled in a casserole pot for that extra richness and hailing with chunks of shark’s fins for that lip-smacking goodness.

I love shark’s fins soup at all times. Are you one of those like me too ?

The catch of the day would be ……

Live Lobsters !!


Coming in 2 forms ~ sauteed with fresh lily bulks, asparagus and wolfberries and deep-fried cheese lobster balls.

Needless to say, my preference is quite steered towards the former. Fresh, sweet and tangy and compiled with premium greens like asparagus, I should say I love CNY anytime because of all the luxurious gastronomic affairs that me, as a commoner, don’t often get to associate with in our daily lives ! Yooohoooo……

Coming to the highlights of the day ! ~ Auspicious Harvest Pen Cai with Nourishing Pig Trotters ~ $298 nett (6 pax) / $488 nett (10 pax)

Peng Cai

The savory delight has finally made its debut appearance for the day ! Peng Cai, itself has been quite a trend in the recent years and to make really good ones, several hours have to be laboured over the stove for that distinguished flavour and delicate care and effort has to be adopted in layering the various ingredients to ensure that the entire dish is bustling with decadent flavours right up to that last bit of broth. Brimming of collagen from the well-braised pig trotters, other culinary gems include the abalone, dried scallops, pork belly, fish maw, prawns, soya sauce chicken and roasted duck, that have been continuously stewed for hours and meticulously layered on a bed of white radish and cabbage.

A luxurious gastronomy has to end with a superior dessert too and what’s better than the King of Fruits ~ The Durians !


The Durian Ingots of Food Fortune may not look fanciful on its own, but the real durian puree that’s embroiled within the crispy fritters are indeed something to cry for. Fried durian tastes surprisingly good too !


Are you drooling over these well-kept cuisine already ? Keen to enjoy this deluxe Lunar New Year dinner ? Be sure to make your reservations early !

Park Palace is located at Grand Park City Hall 
10 Coleman Street 
Singapore 179809
Tel : (65) 6432 5888
For other Lunar New Year offerings, please refer to
With thanks to Belda from Grand Park City Hall for the kind invitation and warmest hospitality !

And wishing all a Merry Merry Christmas and a very Happy Happy New Year !!


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