Highlights from Adelaide City

I actually had this Adelaide/Melbourne trip almost half a year back and I only manage to find time to re-look and upload the pictures now. Well, there were tons of pictures taken as it was an almost 10 days getaway, but it would be too overbearing to had everything consolidated here. So let me start off with some interesting highlights before we proceed with the rest in the future posts to come ! *Seriously hope that I have the time to do that, fingers crossed.*

It was a Friday when we touched down and because Fridays are generally late night outs in Aussie where shops will be closed much later than their usual timings, we manage to catch some late night window shopping to get a feel of the downtown Adelaide so that we have an idea on how to plan for our next few days.

Hmm…I think I have grown to be so sloppy in itinerary planning that I literally leave everything to the last minute and only upon reaching the place and after browsing through the hotel brochures or recommendations, then I would be able to properly list down what we should do or where we should go in that place. Hahaha… Not sure whether if it comes with age, I prefer my trips to be very chilled and relaxed now, without the focus on the goose chase or big travel rush, without any planning or structured itinerary to follow.

Some interesting highlights I spotted along the way… from Adelaide !


Fancy learning “Yong Chun” martial arts in Adelaide ???


Please donate… so that we can continue to enjoy Aussie pork…… ^-^


All trip begins with a…. comfort meal….. :)


and ends the day with a sinful delight….

Some interesting finds at Adelaide Central Market :


Their greens are all sold in big chunks !


Expensive fruits in our context. :(

In fact, other than the cost of foods, I am very happy to be in this small city with a population of only 2 million people. Quiet and serene and definitely a place for retirement. Even in the bustling town area, the number of people on the streets is barely countable. A stark contrast to the over-populated Singapore.


How often do you get to see the whole bunch of cauliflowers with leaves ?


And their pumpkins are huge !! Easily doubled or tripled the size of what we seen locally.



Assortment of sausages and cheeses that looks mouth-watering !!!

*I am hungry*grups*


Even the Swiss rolls are in gigantic portions.


It’s neither butter nor nut. But why is it called “butternut”? Unless you are saying the shapes looks kinda like.. peanuts ? Hehehe.


Chicken Dim Sims ???… and ermm… Organic Chicken ??? Does it mean the chicken is fed only on organic feeds ? How do you determine it’s an organic chicken anyway ?


Giant wild mushrooms !!


OMG ! Gong Cha is just everywhere !!!!

Ok folks… that’s all for today in Adelaide’s highlights ! Shall not flood you guys with too many pictures at one go.. so that you would keep on looking out for more new postings… Hehehe…

We will be visiting touristy areas and animals kingdom in our next round. So stay tuned !

And yes, for working adults, today is finally Friday’s EVE ! Hahaha… does that cheer you up abit more ? Hiaks.

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