[RECIPE] Battered Prawn Balls In Special Sauce

Finally, the hectic weekend is over ! And I had such extreme Monday blues yesterday that I literally find myself in a state of mental block where the hands and brains are not in coordination, which is pretty much as usual … but more so for yesterday ! Grrrrr….

Still, it has been a chippy weekend. I was with The Mega Flea at Suntec Convention Hall on last Saturday, diligently selling cookies from Chunky Cooky ! Busy and happy as all cookies were sold out within the day !! And I guess this has been my greatest achievement so far on a single weekend market with the cookies sales and with that, I am proud to announce that Chunky Cooky’s online ordering website has a major revamp ! Basically the core and the major stuffs have been up, with some minor fine tunings to be made. The most important enhancement will be the shopping cart where multiple cookies order could be placed.

I haven’t had plans for the next flea whereabouts yet, but will certainly announce it on the website when I had more concrete plans.

Do visit WWW.CHUNKYCOOKY.COM and let me have your opinions on the revamped site ! My main idea is to make cookies ordering more user friendly for all ! Just a note of caution : Please use any other browsers other than IE to view the site. Basically IE slow down the whole site and makes it real undesirable to use !

CC Website

And of course, I really ought to thank all the cookies fans who bought our cookies at the flea. It has been a pleasantly happy occasion serving you all.

While I had that slight bit of time to spare, I made a simple fare of Battered Prawns in Special Sauce. When it denotes “special” in the recipe, it does not necessary means complications. In fact, I had the sauce conveniently made from a simple combination of mayonnaise (and please use the Japanese Mayonnaise!), sesame oil and crushed peanuts.

Battered Prawns

The crushed peanuts added that extra crunch to the battered prawns while the sauce make up for the dryness after the deep frying. And the deep marination of the prawns prior to that makes them more tasty and delectable too.

This dish is an easy feat which I believe anyone can handle and enjoy !

Battered Prawns_1

So sorry, there wasn’t much pictures taken of the dish neither is there much styling. This simply means I was too hungry ! And deep fried items aren’t ideal to be left aside for too long. They need to be devoured quick and fast, just like what I have done to these prawns !! Heehee. ^_^

Recipe up as below.

Sleepy Tuesday. Why does the weekends always seem so far away ? -.-

Battered Prawn Balls in Special Sauce

By Eat What Tonight Published: November 5, 2013

  • Yield: 2-3 pax Servings
  • Prep: 60 mins
  • Cook: 20 mins
  • Ready In: 1 hr 20 mins

Finally, the hectic weekend is over ! And I had such extreme Monday blues yesterday that I literally find myself in a state of mental …



  1. Mixed de-shelled prawns well with seasoning and marinate for 1 hour.
  2. Dip marinated prawns into beaten egg quickly and coat with a layer of corn flour, repeat this step until finished using up all prawns.
  3. Heat oil in wok, deep-fried coated prawns until cooked thoroughly, dish out and drain oil.
  4. Lastly, drizzles mayonnaise, crushed peanuts and sesame oil on top of prawns, ready to serve.

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