Foodpanda ~ the ultimate Solution for your Food Dining & Delivery Needs

I think this dilemma exists for most full time salaried workers like myself. “Where are we going for lunch ?! Eat what for Lunch huh ?!!” On a daily basis, without fail. Especially so if you have been in the same working location for years, you would literally be running out of lunch places to dine at. And if the weather is not forgiving enough, all you probably hope for is to enjoy a comfort meal with the blasting air-con within the office premises, without the need to brace yourself in the hot sun.

And with that in mind, we found our ultimate solution for our “sorrows” !

Foodpanda !!! A one-stop food portal where it encompasses all the places in Singapore which offer food delivery services right to your doorstep !!

Here’s how it works..

Step 1) Enter your postcode to locate all the foods that come with delivery services to your existing location. 


Step 2 ) Make your restaurant selection from the varied choices available !  


Step 3 ) Choose your preference from the food menu. And for some, free items are available upon a minimum consumption.


Step 4 ) Your order summary will appear in the right hand side of the screen with the total amount payable and estimated delivery time. Proceed to check-out thereafter !


Step 5 ) Create an account for easier login the next time round. Or if are an existing customer already, simply login with your details. 


Step 6 ) Make your payment selection ! 


Step 7 ) Sit back and relax while waiting for your piping hot meals to be delivered !!


It’s that simple, isn’t it ?

But if you happen to stumble into any issues along the way, there’s an immediate rescue team all dedicated to solve your queries. Hop onto the LiveChat on the main page and you would be attended once you are login.


So make Foodpanda your source for all food delivery options from now on and be amazed at how dignified this one stop solution can provide for our dining needs with just a few clicks !


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