Savour into MSG-free Thai Delights at Rochor Thai

Hot & spicy Thai food is my latest craving ! With the extremely cool and rainy weather these days, what can be more comforting than a bowl of piping hot tom yam soup to warm the body instantaneously ? Talking about that, I do feel the urge to have a bowl right away now as it is freezing cold to stay in the air-conditioned room while it’s pouring cats and dogs out there !

As the bulk of Singaporeans are made of up spice lovers since we are raised in a country where most of the local delicacies come in a hot and spicy affair, Thai food is generally very popular among the locals because it is somewhat comparable to our local cuisine when it comes to the amount of spice concerned. However, with the focus on a healthier lifestyle nowadays, sourcing for a Thai bistro that orientates towards the same purpose can be tough, especially when we all knew that spicy food can be pretty unhealthy with the generous servings of chilies and oils used to whip up that spicy aroma which can be so choking at times and yet kept us so irresistible.

And so, sharing the same heartfelt thoughts in mind, Rochor Thai prides themselves as the first and sole Thai Bistro in Singapore that delivers strictly MSG-FREE dishes ! Yes, you heard it right, it’s MSG free !! Frankly speaking, other than home-cooked food, I can barely visualise any MSG free cuisine at dine-out places.  With the costs of food constantly on the rise, the use of MSG in most of our cuisine has probably become such a need that to do without it, you will probably need good quality ingredients to pair it well and that will generally upped the costs for many restaurateurs and you probably gotta fork out a premium for that.

We were given quite an extensive menu to try upon and after some filtering, below are some dishes that I would personally recommend. Well, don’t scold me if it’s not up to your liking hor….. coz as I always say… one man’s meat is another man’s poison….

Welcome drink from Rochor Thai is Pandanus Lemongrass where  juices from real pandan leaves are extracted and blended with a good mix of lemongrass for a refreshing and cooling appetite.

Rochor Thai1
Nam Tak Krai Kab Bai Toey

The Green Papaya Salad Central Thailand Style might be too spicy for some as most of the diners gulp down their cup of water after the first try. It’s indeed too spicy for me too on the first bite. However as I go on and had a few more rounds of it, it seems pretty fine and surprisingly good thereafter. Therefore a word of caution to those who can’t take spice, please start on with a teeny weeny bit.

Rochor Thai2
Som Tum $6.80

I am quite in awe of the Clear Spicy Sour Soup with Holy Basil and Kaffir Lime Leaves. When it comes to tom yam soup, the “heart-attacking” ones are generally the ones that looks harmless and innocent which is pretty much in this case too. Clear and distinct, it looks generally like any normal soup that you would imagine it to be. But do be prepared and take cover !! The after spice that kicks in is nothing short of HOT, VERY HOT.

Rochor Thai4
Po Taek $8.80

Salt Baked Whole Tilapia served with Spicy Coriander Sauce is a must try. Most Tilapias we had are generally not fresh with a “muddy” after taste, if you know what I mean. Therefore, the most convenient cooking style would be to deep fried it to conceal all “defects”.  However, at Rochor Thai, the Tilapia is baked and not deep fried but with a similar achievement as it would be if it’s deep fried. As you can see, the skin looks so crispy that it’s no difference than if it were to be fried. But baking it, for sure is a much healthier option to begin with, but never losing the originality of its intended cooking style.

Rochor Thai3
Pla Nin Pao $22.80

What’s more commendable will be the way in which the tilapia’s skin has been flipped up, exposing only the meat and within. I know many of us do not take fish skin’s for various reasons, therefore this thoughtful gesture has brought about a convenient way to consume the tilapia without the trouble of detaching the skin from it all. And I was thinking that perhaps the original intention was probably for a decent presentation’s sake, but well, since it has convenient people like me who doesn’t take fish’s skin, so why not ? ^_^

Thick Chu Chee Curry with Slow Braised Beef Shank has its beef cubes well moisturised with tenderness. Thai curries are generally sweet unlike Asian curries, had a moderate spice and are enriched by thick coconut milk. Go easy on fragrant white rice and topped it with abundance of gravy for that rich succulent taste.

Rochor Thai55
Gaeng Chu Chee Neua

Stir Fried Thai “Drunken” Style Prawns comes on similar to our flavourful butter prawns but with more sweetness and spice from the sweet basil leaves. The freshness of the prawns are on a good note and maintained its tanginess even after the dish has turned cold.

Rochor Thai6
Pad Kee Mao Goong $16.80

The sweet Thai mangoes from the Mango Sticky Rice made a wholesome companion with the warm glutinous rice that’s bustling with coconut milk goodness. Despite a fulfilling meal prior to this, we could still finished up the dessert without much ado as they are appropriately served in delicate portions.

Rochor Thai7
Khao Niew Ma Muang $7.80

Generally, the entire dining experience at Rochor Thai was a satisfying one with prices that I would deem quite value-for-money, especially for the seafood cuisine. With the plus point that all food comes along MSG-free, Rochor Thai made a perfectly healthy family restaurant venue for both adults and kids alike.

Rochor Thai is located at : Rochor Thai8
340 Joo Chiat Road
Singapore 427592
Reservations: 6640 3270
Website : 
Facebook :
Opens from: Daily 11.30am – 10pm
Closed on Mondays
Thanks to Joel of Modas Flame & Rochor Thai for the invitation!


  1. Hi Joyce! I apologise for the oversight for not informing you earlier that the tasting would take about 1.5hours.. causing you the trouble with your following appointment in the later part of the day. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed the meal, and thank you for your review on Rochor Thai!

  2. Great write up and nice to meet you.

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