Luxurious High Tea Affair at 10 Scotts, Grand Hyatt Singapore

If red meat and wine are a man’s best friend, then desserts and pastries have to be made for the ladies ! My ex-boss used to tell me that he can never imagine why the wife who has a small appetite for dinner and often claims that she’s full after a light course, can still go “yesssshhhh” when being asked whether there’s still room for desserts ! So yeah, sweet treats and the ladies do go hand in hand, isn’t it ? But then, come to think of it again, most of the pastries chefs are guys, so does that mean that this is the kind of food that’s meant just for everyone ?

Studies have further shown that consuming sweet treats when you are depressed does indeed helps to lift up a person’s spirits due to the increased sugar content. And for sure, desserts being the way as it is, has a miraculous way of converting one’s moodiness into happiness upon consumption, whether emotionally or mentally. Since it’s that beneficial, how about caving in to a Afternoon Tea Buffet where you can have all the meticulously crafted desserts to your heart’s contents ?

Well, here’s one for good and it’s happening right in the heart of our downtown Orchard area, a perfect location to whine your time away, especially after all the tedious shopping ! Or if you simply need  a cosy corner to chill your lazy afternoon away, compiled with a pack of delicate treats for that sweet tooth craving, do jump on the bandwagon with me and head on down to 10 Scotts @ Grand Hyatt Singapore.


The enormous sofas does make good spots for anyone who wanna be couch potatoes for the afternoon. Whether it’s gonna be a private event reception, a weekly ladies’ gossip affair or simply being alone with a book or Ipad in hand, the setting is fabulously created for whatever purposes you deem it for.


What I like about this whole place and concept is that you need not scratch your heads off on where to start off from the buffet spread. Upon settling down, you will be presented with these bite size treats on a 2-tier tea tray set, very much on an English note, and which you could essentially have a bit of everything that you desire. This idea is thoughtfully meant for the ladies who often loves a spread of food displayed across them and who essentially only wants to have a bite of everything but not all.

3 tier

3 tier_2

And of course, if you need more of whatever that you fancy, you could always request for more refills. Below are a few highlights that you probably should not miss.

Must try: The spiral flaky curry puffs ! They are indeed good,  with the flaky buttery crust and rich curry filling, fried to a golden brown perfection ! And probably at half the size of our standard curry puffs, you could literally feel that it isn’t all too sinful, even whilst popping down a few at one go. ^-^

curry puff

I posted this in Facebook earlier, with much queries from some. Ok, let’s take a look at how the “gardener” builds up the flower pot by “planting the seeds and ploughing the soil from scratch !”



Hahaha! The hazelnut ice-cream makes up the seeds, crushed biscuits toppings makes up the soil, raspberries as fruits and of course edible flowers and leaves as the plant !! Basically the flowers tasted liked… hmm.. just flowers ?? Or fresh garden greens with a hint of rawness and such.


The crab cake was bustling with real crab meat goodness and understand from the staff that they are quite a hit among those who went for the champagne, as they make perfect sides to go along with the wine.

crab cake

The freshly-baked scones are the signatures of the cafe. So popular that they even had these scones sold separately at their bakery on Level 2. They are equally good having them on its own but if you desire that extra kick to go along, dip them in some fresh cream, kaya or raspberry jam spreads, you probably need nothing more of what you need to have for the day. Okok.. maybe not for you, but I am quite an easily contented person. ^-^



The ham are sliced and replenished only when they are run out, using this machine right in front of all the guests, and ensures that freshness is kept to the optimum.

ham slicer


I was debating internally whether I was allowed to open these fridge doors on my own when I was told, I could! And so does anyone who’s there for the buffet spread. It certainly reminds me of my own house where I could  head for the fridge and grab whatever I wanted, anytime. And yesssss, what you seen there are pots and pots of ice-cream waiting to be devoured with the additions of some cold cuts as appetizers.



The first seating for the Afternoon Tea buffet starts at 12pm… so for those who needs that staple punch to fuel the appetite, there’s the Sushi, Fried Rice, Peking Duck and various local delights to keep you occupied. And these spread will change from time to time, so you could be pretty sure you won’t get bored eyeing the same old food each time you head there.

local delights


peking duck

Moving onto the the self service desserts spread on the buffet…



Just the pleasure of viewing these treats is such a bonus, moreover to consuming them on its own. Because I am a baker myself, I knew that lotsa creativity is seriously needed to come up with eye-catching desserts palates and having to do it on a daily basis, is indeed not an easy feat. With Grand Hyatt Singapore having a whole team of pastries chefs on its own, the amount of dedication and focus of 10 Scotts towards their pastries palates is clearly evident.




I was introduced to the Lemon Tart and Opera Cake as the Must-Tries. Though I won’t say much for the Lemon Tart as it’s way too sour for me, but the opera cake was decently good, building on a base of crispy praline wafer and coated with premium chocolate ganache.

lemon tart

opera cake

And if you are not quite there yet at 10 Scotts, head for their shop at Level 2 for your choices of fresh bread, cakes and pralines and for now, mooncakes, for a take-away to satisfy that craving further.




The pastel colours of the mooncakes sure brightens up the day ! And here’s a sneak preview !! Mooncakes review will be coming up in another post though….

Image of Mooncakes 2013

And till then, stay cool, be good and enjoy good food !

10 Scotts Outlet Hours :

Monday to Sunday, Afternoon Tea: 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Monday to Sunday, A La Carte and All-day cocktails: 12:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Please note that there are two restaurant seatings available for afternoon tea:

1st seating: 12:00 pm to 2:30 pm
2nd seating: 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Priced at :

$43++ (Monday to Friday, without free-flowing Champagne)
$53++ (Weekends/Holidays, without free-flowing Champagne)
$73++(Monday to Friday, with free-flowing Champagne)
$83++ (Weekends/Holidays, with free-flowing Champagne)

Please call +65 6732 1234, email or book online at\

With special thanks to Sandee, Indrani and Nicole for the invitation and warm hospitality !!

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    Loved reading the post! I went to Courtyard @ Fullerton when I went to Singapore to have afternoon tea, but wow this place looks really nice too. Pricing is a tad bit more expensive, but it seems the hours are longer and they offer more food. Was it me or you, but I couldn’t find the part where you talk about the actual tea. BTW the food looked so pretty and delicious. I would love to try the curry puff.

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