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Most of us love buffets because of the wide spread available and we can have all the options to go around “food hopping”. But at the end of the day, most of us would usually realized the amount of food we consume isn’t justifiable for the premium price of the buffet that we have gone for. Because our appetite for food will still remain largely around the same volume, respite the fact that there could be 10 times more of the quantity of food spread displayed across us. Therefore, given a choice, I would certainly love my palates in a wide variety but coming in all sorts of dainty portions which are both equally pleasing to the eyes and soothing for the rumbling tummy and of course, at a price tag that are generally affordable.

And here comes….. A for ARBITE ! Whom beefed up its new fusion dinner menu in a contemporary tapas style that are so delicately presented at such reasonably price tags that you just gotta read on and be fed with all the drooling pictures.

A for Arbite’s Menu

Begin the course with a citrusy Yuzu Mojito cocktail that aids in whipping up a refreshing appetite !

Yuzu Mojito $14 / $8

The Lobster Thermidor is made up of marine lobster, crabmeat and mushrooms blended in a mix of cream, mustard and brandy and coated with parmesan cheese. Baked mildly to melt the cheese to a perfect top, the creamy seafood stays in a liquified form beneath it. Unlike our usual baked cheese cuisine where the melted cheese forms a thick sticky coating that sips into every part of the dish and you probably get so filled from a single serving alone, this little delicacy manages to stay its form at the peak while you enjoy the succulence of the rich creamy seafood beyond it and certainly leaves you room for more of the goodness coming up…

Lobster Thermidor $12

The Green Tea Spaghettini is the iconic signature amongst the chef’s unique creations. From the hand-made green tea pasta, to the lapsang souchang (a kind of tea) broth, every single bit of detail is carefully tailored. The fragrance from the green tea pasta, the slight saltiness from the smoked duck breast, the sweetness of the broth with the mild crunch from the wasabi tobiko, this is one dish whereby all the flavors are infused together to entice the taste buds of essentially anyone.

Green tea_1
Green Tea Spaghettini $7
Green tea_2
Green Tea Spaghettini with Japanese Sesame Oil

The Egg Benedict is served on a bite size brioche that’s topped with Black Forest ham, poached quail egg and hollandaise sauce. Another plus point for delicate servings is the freedom to order a few items at one go without worrying whether you would be able to finish them. Because I am pretty sure you will ! The imagination to run wild on our expectations for the next delicacy coming up is something that’s worth looking forward to too !!

Egg Benedict $3
Egg Benedict (Cross-section)

The Braised Smoked Pork Belly looks typical of our Chinese “Kung Ba Pau” but with a little creativity and imagination, the 36-hour braised streaky bacon is paired with Korean Kimchi and leaf bun which added an extra twinge of sourness and spice to the otherwise “Kung Ba Pau” that we have been so accustomed to. Strangely enough, the pairing which pretty bewildered me in the first instant, does comes off ideally, only with the slight regret that I didn’t had it while it’s still warm and was so pre-occupied with the photos taking. The pork belly came off a tad dry when it has turned cold which would otherwise have been much better if it’s consumed whilst still piping warm.

Pork Belly
Braised Smoked Pork Belly $7

The button mushroom cups are filled to the brim with escargot and topped with abundance of garlic butter. Surprising, it isn’t a dish too oily to begin with, considering the deep frying and rich butter involvement. Instead what you gathered is a scrumptious filling that comes with an added crunch from the fragrant garlicky butter.

Escargot $5

Jar of Duck comprises of duck rillettes, black truffle, foie gras, smoked duck breast, roasted grapes and crackers, served in a jar indeed ! A tad too salty to eat them on its own, the blend crackers are served alongside in neutralizing the saltiness. No wonder people often said first impressions count…. Indeed, the tastefully presented palate itself has already won me over, way before I had my first bite into them…

Jar of Duck $19.50
THE Jar of Duck
Jar of Duck on Crackers

And saving the best for the last, my top recommendation for the day has to be the Tri Pepper Spaghettini. Understand that this is an all time favorite among the diners at its first outlet at Serangoon Gardens, this Chef’s Speciality has got all the thumbs up it truly deserved. Comprising of green, pink and black better paste with swimmer crab meat, chilli, spring onion and tempura battered soft shell crab, the pasta has a savory peppery delight that comes off with a mild spice, loaded with lots of real crab meat and topped with a crisp soft shell crab that are all too delectable for words ! A must try!

Tri Pepper
Tri Pepper Spaghettini $10.50
Tri Pepper_1
Close Up ~ Tri Pepper Spaghettini

Room for desserts ?!!! For sure there is ! I am a hungry glutton !! Hahaha ~

Do not be deceived by the Cookies and Cream Cheese CAKE ! As I bold the words CAKE, there’s literally no cake components in this sweet bite. A rich combination of black cookies crumbs, berries and cream cheese mascarpone that has been whipped to a foam together with milk espuma. As you can see, it’s not the typical cheesecake that you will be expecting, so be braced for a little surprise if you do order this !

Cookies and Cream Cheese Cake $8

I never have a preference for Panna Cotta as the ones I had previously are always far too sourish for me. But the Ginseng Panna Cotta made a surprise visit with a fusion of several tastebuds that comes mainly from the bitterness of the ginseng, sweetness of the chrysanthemum sorbet and cooked cream pudding together with the sourness of the wolf berries.

Ginseng Panna Cotta
Ginseng Panna Cotta $7

Ends the course with a sweet and aromatic Melon & Mangosteen Tea which is deemed as the ladies’ favourite tea at the cafe.

Melon & Mangosteen Tisanes/Herbal Tea $6

Live well, Laugh Often, Love Much are exactly what you need to enjoy the good food at A for Arbite !


Now opened at :Arbite_2

A for Arbite
Address: 28 Aliwal Street, #01-01 Aliwal Arts Centre
Tel: 8321 2252
Opening hours:
Tue – Fri 11.30 am – 11 pm; Sat 11 am-11 pm ; Sun 9 am- 9 pm.
Closed on Mondays.
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With thanks to Hayden and Marc for the invitation !

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