A Bold Blend of Flavours with Swensen’s Fusion-Inspired Medley of American Cuisine

I am back at Swensen’s again….. this time for more and newer offerings ! From now till 31 October 2013, Swensen’s has came up with four bold and experimental panache, featuring an international medley of fusion-inspired American cuisine that seeks to tempt you at such wallet-friendly prices that you just won’t want to resist !

I shall list the 4 new offerings based on my most preferred to the least, and you could perhaps have a head start on where to begin with when dining at Swensen’s.

Seafood has always been my preference over meats, therefore the Crispy Cereal King Prawns should come by no surprise emerging the top on my list. Imagine a favourite hawker cuisine being featured at an American restaurant, what comes by is an enhanced version of the humble cereal prawns that serve to tantalise our taste buds with a homemade batter and seasoning that could not be easily mimicked. Comprising of crunchy cornflakes, bread crumbs, spiced seasoning and served with steak cut fries and mesclun salad for the complete Swensen’s works, the golden king prawns has a rich buttery essence that stays succulent and very delectable. The cornflakes added an extra crisp in addition to the cereals and flavors it with a wholesome fusion that brought about a different light to the otherwise very Asian cuisine.

Crispy Cereal King Prawns $19.90

Running next on the list will be something that could just get yourself all spoilt up for more. A denotation of a main course and a dessert, you can now indulge in both your cravings at one shot with the Spiced Maple Chicken Waffle. Comprising of four pieces of crispy delectable chicken stacked over a warm Belgian waffle and a generous drizzle of homemade maple syrup infused with a dash of chilli padi, you are bound to get an explosion of  flavours with every savory bite.

Spiced Maple Chicken Waffle $14.90

Braised BBQ Beef Cheeks is coming up next ! Where a bold mix of fusion works its wonders to thrill your senses, the classic beef cheeks has been given a new spin all together. A unique blend of Korean marinade and an exotic homemade fruity BBQ sauce is infused with the slow braise for that sweet tenderness of the beef chunks. The western creamy mashed potato is surprisingly good and goes befittingly well with the Asian sauteed vegetables.

Braised BBQ Beef Cheeks $21.90

Last but not least, the Herb Crusted King Snapper comes off as a fresh King Snapper fillet that’s baked with tangy honey mustard and topped with a generous serving of herbs crust made from bread crumbs, garlic, chopped parsley and parmesan cheese for that extra textured crunch. Complete your catch of the day with a creamy mashed potato and equally fresh mesclun salad for that fishy-good-o-meal.

Herb Crusted King Snapper $15.90

And for sure, we do need a sweet note to end the dining experience, don’t we ? Enjoy these immaculate sweet sundaes at $1 off when you paired it with the exclusive range of new mains as above.

I had the Salted Gula Melaka and Chendol Delights previously so for this time, I opt for the Mango Fantasy while the pal went for the Merri-Mint.

As the name implies, the Mango Fantasy stacked of towering scoops of Mango and Vanilla ice-cream topped with abundance of pineapple, banana slices and peaches. Made for the very sweet tooth craving, the sundae is good to pair with the Crispy Cereal King Prawns to tap on the rich luscious taste buds all together.

mango sundae
Mango Fantasy $10.50

The Merri-Mint serves up Thin Mint ice-cream with lavishly coated decadent chocolate fudge and pairing it off with the Braised BBQ Beef Cheeks to end the sumptuous indulgence on a soothing note.

mint sundae
Merri-Mint $7.90

Drooling and hungry already ? Locate a Swensen’s outlet near you and get your hands on these new dishes before they are all gone !


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