Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore Celebrates National Day with “$4.80 Buffet” At THE LINE

Most of us love to relax ourselves at some fancy restaurants on long weekends, especially when we have all the time and the right mood to enjoy the delicacies. But we are often pulled back at the thought of some ‘jack-up’ prices by restaurateurs during the festive occasion as businessmen alike, had the same mindset… always in search of the best timing to generate more revenue…

Well, no worries now ! Here’s your chance to enjoy one of the most popular and unpretentious hotel buffets in Singapore at only S$4.80* per person for the month of August 2013 !

*Ok… better elaborate more.. just in case it gets misleading… Hahaha! Be sure to read the fine prints always !

To commemorate Singapore’s 48th birthday, The Line at Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore will offer buffet lunch and dinner at S$4.80 per person until 31 August 2013. The promotion mechanics is as such ~ for every two adults paying for the full buffet price, the third diner pays S$4.80 for either lunch or dinner. This offer is exclusive to online bookings only !

Lunch buffet starts from S$49++ per adult and at S$26++ per child.  Dinner buffet is priced from S$72++ per adult and at S$36++ per child. So after working out the sums, if you could jolly well get 2 other friends to join you, that will work out to an overall discount of around 20% per person, which is pretty attractive, isn’t it ? Considering an international buffet spread at one of the most prestigious 5-star hotel in Asia, and I am quite certain this promotion doesn’t come by often…. So yeah, be quick on your reservation bookings, as there are limited slots for the promotion each day and the slots are filling up fast !!

Maybe you may ask, what’s in store at The Line that makes it so popular ?

Here you goes ~

The Line is recognised for its 16 theatre kitchens, where guests can indulge in a myriad of popular international and local specialities dishes.  In the spirit of Singapore’s National Day, guests can warm their bellies with a bowl of fragrant Singaporean Laksa, Hainanese Chicken Rice or the Singaporean Seafood Char Kway Teow.

Of these, the highest recommendation shall be attributed to the Laksa ! The thick laksa gravy is made sumptuous with the richness of the coconut milk that extends the nostalgic taste of the traditional cuisine to a perfect hue. I love the spice that comes along with it, even without the additions of extra chilli paste.


And because it’s a buffet, you can literally have anything you want to go along with it. Right from these huge selections of add-ons..


Can you imagine I actually wanted to combine all the various sorts of noodles into one laksa bowl ? Hahaha.. But eventually, I was too embarrassed to ask the Aunty to do it for me… ^-^


Other signature items from The Line are readily available too ! Including the freshly shucked seafood…..




 The salad bar and colourful cold cuts….


Sashimi are sliced and served only upon request, such that they stayed fresh and luscious always !!


The Watermelon and Tomato Fruit Salad with Manuka Honey is worth a try. Very refreshing as an appetizer and the portion is dainty enough so that you could save the tummy for the rest !!


And guess what are these ?!

All sorts of Indian curries in various flavours !! And it’s actually catered for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. So no worries for anyone who’s on a different diet !

indian curry

And there’s the Middle Eastern delights too with Turkish kebabs on the roll !



Try mixing the pineapple puree with the satay sauce ! Simple ingredients as it may seems, but it gives the good old traditional satay sauce a totally new twist on a different note all together, made delightful with an enhanced flavour that’s simply delectable. All thumbs up !

satay sauce

May not look fantastic… but the variety which includes beef satay that is not commonly spotted, is a winner. The meats are managed on a charcoal grill and they stay succulent and tender even after they turned cold !


Make a guess what’s this huge baby for ?

pizza oven

It’s a pizza oven ! Thin crust pizzas are on the rocks now ! They run low at fast pace and need to be constantly replenished !


Can you spot my favorite “liu sha bao (salted egg custard bun)” lying in the foreground ? :)

dim sum

Have your choice and eat it ! Pasta accustomed to your delights !


Look at this ! The Chefs with their signature “Gong” ! Every time you heard that enormous “Gong” coming up, there will be a “special” cuisine that will be served and it will only be available at that particular timing till they are wiped out. It could happen every hour during the buffet period, so do keep a look out.. or rather.. keep a “ear out” and make a dash for it before the queue starts building up! It’s quite audible so I am quite certain you will not miss it !



And when I was there, it was the Pizzoccheri I was served with ! I am not exactly sure what it is.. but it tasted like some buckwheat noodles cooked in cheesey pasta sauce and served with an abundance of cabbage. Not so much for my liking though, but seems like quite a hit among the rest of the diners. So yeah, to each his own arh. ^0^


And if you are still not there yet….. the desserts that is cleverly displayed at the entrance of The Line… is bound to captivate you with its sweet palates and luscious offerings.






cake of the month

How often do you see Pineapple Tarts at a buffet when it’s not even Chinese New Year yet ?

Pineapple tarts

This must be the kids’ favourite hangout place ! Look at the spread of condiments and toppings available for ice-cream ! Hmm… did I see some gummy bear candies in action ?? ^0^

ice cream

The Jambu fruits made a rare appearance at The Line too ! Not commonly sighted even in fruits stores or supermarkets, so it’s indeed a gem to be available here !


The coffee station is a rare sight in international buffets. Most often than not, we are only given the options of either coffee or tea as part of the buffet package. But right here at The Line, coffee lovers can satisfy their craving with a pinch of caramel or vanilla to give that extra boast to the all-time favourite drink !


And wait wait… that’s not the end yet ! How can it end without a freshly-made crepe, filled with abundance of rich and “gao gao (very thick)” Nutella Cream and indulge in it whilst it’s still mildly warm ! It’s really heavenly ! I cannot imagine anyone who can resist thick thick Nutella cream and of course, top it up with some bananas for that extra kick and you are all set to go !


Too hungry for words now ??? Make a reservation with The Line today ! Please log-on to and select the “National Day Buffet @ $4.80++” promotion with your preferred dining date.

Operating Hours for lunch and buffet:

Lunch buffet

Saturday, Sunday and PH:

Dinner buffet
Daily: 6pm-10.30pm


Here are the other buffet options :


Lunch buffet
Monday – Friday
Including coffee and tea only
ADT$49++ CHD$26++ (6 – 11 yrs old)

Including coffee and tea only
ADT$55++ CHD$26++ (6 – 11 yrs old)

Sunday Champagne Brunch
ADT$98++ inclusive free flow of soft drinks & chilled juices, coffee & tea
ADT$138++ with Taittinger Champagne & The Line open bar of house pour red & white wines, draft beer, soft drinks and chilled juices, coffee & tea
CHD$26++ (6 – 11 yrs old) inclusive free flow of soft drinks and chilled juices.
with Entertainment – Balloon Sculpturing

Dinner buffet:
International – every Monday, Wednesday & Sunday
Including coffee and tea only
ADT $72++ CHD $36++ (6 – 11 yrs old)

Marine Harvest, every Tuesday & Thursday
ADT $92++ inclusive free flow house pour sparkling wines, red and white wines, draft beer, soft drinks and chilled juices, coffee & tea
CHD$36++ (6 – 11 yrs old) inclusive of soft drinks & chilled juices

Friday – Saturday
International, including coffee and tea only
ADT$78++ CHD$36++ (6 – 11 yrs old)

Beverage package
Additional $25++ for free flow house pour sparkling wines, red and white wines,
draft beer, soft drinks and chilled juices, coffee & tea
Additional $15++ for free flow soft drinks and chilled juices, coffee & tea


Just a thoughtful suggestion ~ the garden greenery at Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore make good strolling grounds for an after-meal walk, especially after the heavy indulgence.


The man-made waterfall and the Kois in the waters ~ does this picturesque scene looks like a piece taken out from a scenic resort view from perhaps Bali or Phuket ?? Hahaha ! Do not be deceived ! It’s all happening right here in our downtown city within an urban resort.


Lastly, EWT will be away for a short getaway to Hong Kong for the long weekend ! So folks, till then !! Be good and have a fabulously superb weekend !

A big thanks to Josephine of Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore for the invitation and warm hospitality !!

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  1. The buffet at Shangri-La Hotel has never disappointed me. If you want good food and enjoy Asian hospitality, this is definitely a place that I’d recommend.

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