Mid-Autumn Festival Treats with Exquisite Packaging & Unique Mooncake Flavours from Delifrance !

I am always fascinated by the various packaging sorts when it comes to the mooncakes’ gifts boxes. For every year, each mooncake supplier will try and outshine each other in coming up with more creative and exquisite mooncakes’ gifts packaging to entice their consumers. And as the term further defines, since they are meant as gifts, the outlook and presentation of it all is what that goes into the first impression for the considerated purchase.

Since they are very much meant to be gifts of love during the festive, choosing the appropriate mooncakes with the right packaging and flavours mark the most primary concerns. And of course,  they must be pocket friendly too, in meeting your budget of the day. So if you happen to meet a bill that fits it all, aren’t you be glad to grab one now since the early bird who catches the worm tends to get the freshest catch of the day !

And well, here’s the catch !

Go for the “French look” this Mid-Autumn Festival with unique mooncake flavours from the French Bakery, Delifrance ! Trendy and attractive packaging which depicts the Paris’ famous Eiffel Tower and embedded in a mixture of hot pink and warm chocolate shades, the French Bakery sure manage to incorporate an exciting and modern twist to the good old traditional Chinese pastry.


While better known for their French bakery products, one can expect nothing less than mouth-watering perfection with Delifrance’s take on these delightful mooncakes which are made using only the freshest premium ingredients.

Comprising of several unique and refreshing flavours this year which marks a bold and creative deviation from the typical lotus paste variety that mooncakes are so often associated with, mooncakes lovers should not hesitate to give these dainty treats a miss ! The six new flavours include :


~ White Lotus with QQ Milky Green Bean

~ Mango Lotus Paste with Diced Mango

– Walnut Tiramisu

~ Pandan Lotus with Custard

~ White Chocolate with Cranberry Paste

~ Pure Lotus with Melon Seed

In consideration for the mass market which might comprises of a wide range of audience, the first five will make prefect thrills for the significantly adventurous feeds while the pure lotus with melon seed will be bound to appeal to the traditional ones.

Since Delifrance’s mooncakes are also Halal certified, they are essentially meant for everyone ! Those who are keen to return the goodwill of their Muslim friends during the recent Hari Raya festive, will find pleasure in introducing these traditional Chinese goodies to them.


So you may ask… are these mooncakes gonna be pocket friendly ?? Well, in my humble opinion, considering the fact that I need to grab some mooncakes as gifts for the elderly every year, these delectable mooncakes are generally very reasonably priced at $10.80 per piece or $42.80 for a box of four.

The atas-looking packaging in conjunction with the premium exotic flavours are all set to heighten your taste buds to a whole new awesome level this Mid-Autumn Festival with these unique treats from Singapore’ favourite French bakery chain !


And so, now’s is just the time to moo over mooncakes !! What are you still waiting for ?!

Over-the-Moon Deals

> 15% Early Bird Special !

– Buy a box of 4 pcs of Delifrance mooncakes before 5 September 2013.
– Not valid with other offers, discounts and promotions
– Advance orders are available for collection from 5-20 September 2013
– Please place orders three working days in advance at participating outlets
– Full payment shall be made upon placing of orders
– No cancellation or refund shall be allowed
– Order and collection of mooncakes must be from the same outlet

>> 15% discount exclusively for Standard Chartered Card Holders for box of 4 pcs

– Not valid with other offers, discounts and promotions
– Not applicable at NUH and Great World City
– Offer valid until 17 September, or while stocks last

The Delifrance mooncake selection will be available at selected Delifrance outlets from 22 August 2013.

Corporate Sales Hotline: 9116 8817

With special gratitude and appreciation to Cassaundra of Crowd PR and Delifrance for the lovely mooncakes !!

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