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Anyway it’s really a case of what went wrong could go wrong and it could all just happen together !!! Just an hour before I came back from Hong Kong, my sista informed me that my fridge’s was off the entire period that I was overseas ! I was literally crying my hearts out because the fridge was filled to the brim with foods and stuffs. It could have been accidentally switched off before the trip though. Sigh…. And guess what, upon reaching the home, I realized I had brought back the wrong luggage !! Imagine the  nightmares one after another ! Painstakingly, we chunk away all the stuffs in the fridge, wash it up entirely and head down to the airport once more to exchange for the right luggage.

By the time we  were back, it was right after midnight. And I just gotta wake myself up to a day’s work on the same day few hours later. I just felt that there couldn’t been a day more dreary than that ever.

Well, well, well, on the contrary, I am pretty sure nothing could beat happy foodie times. So let’s talk about food !… Good Food to be precise ! Sometime before the trip, we visited Zsofi Tapas Bar which was recently re-launched with a Singapore’s first true blue Spanish seafood restaurant, known as the Marisqueira. Exotic name yeah. But that’s exactly the flavour of Spain. A twinge of uniqueness that brings out the authenticity of Spanish cuisine, yet achievable with the simplest ingredients !

Ok, frankly speaking, I have never been to Spain. So I can’t be sure of what Spanish cuisine entails, but as long as they taste good, and they are indeed good, so aren’t really a cause for concern, right.

And here’s what I meant by the simplest ingredients that produces amazingly good results !

Do It Yourself Bread Basket

Have the raw garlic and fresh tomatoes rubbed sparingly over the slice of bread and surprisingly, the end product is a refreshing and appetizing entree that brings out a faint twinge of sweetness from the fresh tomatoes and yet manages to empower the strong garlicky taste that we so frown upon. The combination may looks simple but with a bit of imagination, it brought out a wholesome sort of flavours that’s just too delightful for words.

Free-range, Acorn-fed Ham

Free-range, Acorn-fed Ham that’s air flown from Spain directly, probably one of the most delicate cuisine of the day which features an incredibly well marinated succulent ham and is prized the highest grade of pork quality for its rich flavour and smooth texture. Originating from the Black Iberian pigs which are available primarily from Spain and are produced using one of the most traditional and hand made methods only. This dish is sure to whipped up your appetite with calls for extra servings.

Secreto Ibérico

Fondly addressed as the “Wagyu beef” of pork, this piece of meat section boasts of moist succlucent lean meat which evolves from the same kind of feed as the acorn-fed ham. Lightly dosed in garlic and spices marination, this meat section entails of minimum fats contents and does not carry that mildly-stale taste that some pork acclaims.

Grilled Seafood Platter (serves 2)

Though Zsofi is tucked in a neat corner of Dunlop Street, but the high standard of food quality doesn’t pale in comparison in anyways to the big boys. The signature dish, being the Combinado Mixta Marisco a la plancha, is an aromatic succulent mixed seafood platter that boasts of grilled lobster, prawns, razor clams, mussels, scallops and fish of the day. Though grilling might not always be the best option to present fresh seafood, but it has always been a personal delight to indulge in them grilled as compared to all others methods of cooking. Reason being a little marination is all is needed to get it off while preserving the taste of seafood without too much alternations from extra condiments.

Grilled Seafood Salad

Fancy for some greens after all the meaty stuffs ? The Grilled Seafood salad is the way to go ! For a simple delight such as salad, we don’t often see restaurants serving fresh seafood alongside with it. But right here at Zsofi, the quality of food is never compromised, even right from the beginning as an appetizer.

Spanish Padrón Peppers

Oh oh.. and not forgetting this ! Green capsicum tossed in an abundance of sea salt ! I don’t usually take green capsicum as it is, because of the raw spice after-taste. But surprisingly, the sea salt manages to conceal much of the aforesaid dislike and did a pretty decent role in enhancing it into a side dish that keep one busy ‘snacking’ it away, especially while waiting for the next dish to be served.

The alfresco rooftop is a great place to chill out after the hearty meal with some great companions. Decked with resort-alike furnishings and open air atmosphere, this place is bound to calm your mind and relax your senses after a stressful work day. Compiled with a couple of drinks to end it off, this place serves to stimulate your gastronomic buds with a whole new experience. Indeed, Zsofi is undeniable qualified as a rustic gem amongst the rooftops in laid-back Little India.

Zsofi Tapas Bar

Zsofi Tapas Bar is located at :

Address: 68 Dunlop Street, Singapore 209396
Telephone: +65 6297 5875
Website: tapasbar.com.sg
Email: info@tapasbar.sg
Opening Hours:          
Monday – Thursday, 5pm – 1am
Friday – Saturday, 5pm – 2am
Sunday, 5pm – 11pm

Thanks to Yong En of Orbital Group Asia and Christopher of Zsofi Tapas Bar team for the invitation and warm hospitality.

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