[GIVEAWAY] Document Your Mesmerizing Moments with Photogenie’s Customized Photo Books !

I could still remember vividly during my younger days, when technology was not as advanced back then, our only option into getting a photo book done was physically making your way into a photo studio and engage a professional photographer to compile that “big book” of ours, be it for a graduation, wedding or a makeover. That was probably like more than a decade ago. Hmm.. opps…. did I unintentionally mention my age ? Well, technology has certainly served us well, assuring us of better quality cameras at more affordable prices, and even with the engagement of professionally done up photo albums that could be established on your own accord, at the comfort of your pace and requirement.

Way before Photogenie approached me for their photo books’ review, one of the colleagues had suggested that I could compile all the lovely cooks and bakes into a recipe book collection. I was toying between the idea of a Travelogue and a Catalogue Book for Chunky Cooky when I finally settled upon the latter. The reason being I had 24 pages to work upon and a Catalogue Book for the cookies would whipped up the idea perfectly. Given a Travelogue, I would be sure to scratch my heads off on the pictures to be included as there were liked tons of them which I couldn’t decide between one or the other !


Not sure if you guys had noticed, but Chunky Cooky is an online cookies business that makes her way into some weekend markets and pops up and well…. it’s run by me too! Hehehe.. So yeah… jumping on the bandwagon, I made Chunky Cooky a new catalogue !

The most important question (at least to me) that you would be asking when engaging a photo book, is the ease of software usage and the affordability of its price options. Photogenie’s books start from $20.70 for a 40-pages book with the option of delivery right to your doorstep at a nominal fee. So all you really gotta do is to workout the layout, find a suitable template and upload the pictures online and you would be on your way to receiving your customized photo book in no time.

Let me bring you the highlights of my Cookies Catalogue yeah…

Page 2_3
– Pages 2-3 of the Cookies Catalogue –

The pre-loaded themes from Photogenie includes Baby, Travel, Occasions, Family, Wedding which are really good enough for most of our intended purposes for a photo book. However, my “extraordinary intentions” means that I have to build up the design from scratch as there wasn’t a suitable theme that could fit on a cookies catalogue. But it didn’t really take me long to do up the template either… I took about a night’s time ? So you probably could have guess the ease and friendliness of the software. Just make sure you get your options right by selecting the right size and binding from the start and all should work out fine.

Unveiling a “surprise gift” as the photobook is presented ~ This is the idea I had in mind for quite sometime…. since we all know that cookies can be quite a festive treat… and “embedding” them in a gift-box alike photo book as you prepare to squeal for more surprises and treats from within.

cover page
Cover Page

Though I am not a professional photographer, but with some mix n match from the wide range of backgrounds, masks and effects from the Photogenie software, I manage to churn out something decent and am overall very pleased with myself. ^-^

Page 4_5
Pages 4-5

Creativity can just be so vast when there’s no boundaries and restrictions !

Page 6_7
Pages 6-7
Page 8_9
Pages 8-9
Page 10_11
Pages 10-11
Page 12_13
Pages 12-13

Many of us had really good cameras nowadays to capture that mesmerizing moments of time. Instead of just uploading them onto the social media where they will be seen and forgotten, evidencing them in a professional looking album not only serves to complement the well-taken pictures, they also document the memories which will be kept and preserved till the age of time.

Page 14_15

Page 16_17

Page 18_19

Page 20_21

Page 22_23

Here’s a very useful function from the software which I ought to highlight. After you have completed your photo book layout, make a count of the total number of pictures you need. Have the pictures numbered in a sequential order and this “Autoflow” function will load the pictures accordingly based on the numbered sequence into the photo book directly. Hence, you saved the hassle of uploading and dragging individual pictures to the photo book on the software.


Be it for a Baby Shower, Wedding Reception or a memorable Farewell occasion, personalized a gift with a photo book is the most dedicated and underlying way of expressing your gratitude or love towards that special someone. And with a reliable partner in the process creation is Photogenie which is a wholly owned subsidiary of KHL Printing and one of South East Asia’s largest and most established printing companies since 1978, you can be well assured of a quality oriented and professional looking photo book in no time. So let your imagination run wild now and customize a photo book that’s solely, truly and faithfully yours !

Photo Book1
A “Gift” within a Gift !

Look at how glossy and crystal clear the print quality turns out to be ! You can literally see your own reflection in it !

Photo Book2
The Actual Photo Book

Here’s an excellent piece of news to share !

Photogenie is gonna give away 5 copies of 200mm by 300mm soft cover perfect bind photo books with 40 pages of matt paper, to five lucky readers of Eat What Tonight for FREE.

Options for upgrading to photo paper is available at additional top-ups.  Self-collection is free at Photogenie’s Bedok OR Loyang office OR delivery services which start from a minimum of $8.40 is available too. The tutorial available on the website is quite self explanatory…However, should you do encounter any technical issues or problems along the way, the friendly folks from Photogenie will be glad to assist you in all ways too. What’s more, you have all the time from now till 31 December 2013 to compute and collate your photo book to perfection, before submitting it to Photogenie for printing !

Sounds all too awesome ??

Here’s how to participate !

Step 1 : Like Eat What Tonight’s and Photogenie’s Facebook pages !
Step 2 : Share this post in your own Facebook’s page !
Step 3 : Answer a simple question by leaving your answer in the Facebook’s page comment here !
~ IF you are one of the lucky winners of the Photo book, what will be your plan for it ? (will it be a photo book for a festive occasion, travelogue, graduation portfolio, wedding reception, baby shower or share with us any other ideas you had in mind !
The giveaway will end on 14 August 2013. Winners will be announced on Eat What Tonight’s Facebook Page on the 15 August 2013 !  So keep a look out for your name if you have participated. 

And if you wanna have a peek-a-boo at my Cookies Catalogue for some inspiration, click here for an interactive version and head on to Chunky Cooky for your cookies fix ! ^-^

Good Luck and have fun photo-booking !!

Thanks to Jolyn of Photogenie for all the coordination and hard work !

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