Savour into Tantalizing New Treats from Swensen’s

I am sure most of us grew up in some kind of family restaurants that we can associate ourselves with, in particular, Swensen’s being one of them. A household name as a family restaurant and our fond memories of its signature ice-cream cake stayed during the birthdays celebrations. Even as we grew older, we often attached ourselves with this family name during the school days with its pocket-friendly student meals.

It has come a long way, isn’t it ? And till date, this family name has evolved into more than just a family brand, branching out into new chains of food offerings and engaging its fans with more scrumptious and unpretentious palates.

And you might ask, will you still visit Swensen’s again even after you have grown  out of that student phrase ? For sure, I will ! Because Swensen’s has never failed to keep itself updated with market trends, moving on with the industry’s standards and constantly on the lookout for consumers’ changing taste-buds for better and enhanced delivery of its wholesome delicacies and sweet treats. So delight yourselves in whatever that’s coming up as Swensen’s braces itself up for an array of smashing new offerings that you can relish in.

Beginning with the King Prawns Salad with Apple Dressing, this refreshing appetizer with sweet succulent king prawns tossed with fresh mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, diced cheese is made complete with some awesome homemade apple sauce.


King Prawns Salad with Apple Sauce $14.90

Those with adventurous taste buds can make a dive for the Deep Fried Blue Mussels, a unique punch of succulent blue mussels coated with chef’s special batter and fried to a deep golden brown where a perfect crispy exterior and a plump juicy interior is yield. Ideal as a sharing bite that will keep you occupied while waiting for your hearty meals !

Deep Fried Mussels
Deep Fried Blue Mussels $10.40

We have heard often about Cereal Prawns. How about Deep Fried Chicken coated with cereal for a change ? The Crispy Cornflake Chicken may sound abit of out of the ordinary but I do swear by its goodness. Pairing up with succulent and moist boneless chicken, the crisp and crunch of it does not pale in comparison with the cereal prawns that we so often engage ourselves with. Further made surprised by their boneless chicken which manages to stay moist and tender even after all the deep frying. All thumbs up !

Cornflake Chicken
Crispy Cornflake Chicken $15.50

If you are on the look out for a good, comforting burger, the Swensen’s Ultimate Chicken Burger is the one for you ! A true ultimate that satisfies your appetite with its tower of plump and juicy breaded chicken that’s deep fried to perfection, crumbled with a generous serving of creamy sauce and chef’s special jackfruit salsa for that fruity, tangy twist that will leave lingering moments on your taste-buds. Served with crispy golden fries and salad, it’s a hearty main that will leave you fulfilled and all satisfied with beams.

Chicken Burger
Swensen’s Ultimate Chicken Burger $14.80

If you have an enormous appetite and you think you can devour a game hen on your own, head for the Juicy Game Hen with Homemade BBQ Sauce. Succulent young game hen that’s fried to perfection, with a glistering golden brown skin and tender juicy flesh accompanied by Swensen’s signature BBQ sauce.

Game Hen
Juicy Game Hen with Homemade BBQ Sauce $16.90

Rendering for that classic steak sandwich ? Swensen’s Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich tops the list with its artisanal ciabatta bun, scrumptious slices of grilled sirloin steak, tipped with sauteed mushrooms and abundance of melted cheese. Made infamous as the Swensen’s rendition, it’s a whole chunk of well-seasoned sirloin steak that’s grilled to a perfect tender. And what’s truly amazing is that it’s coming at the most reasonable price tag of $14.90. And bearing in mind that we are talking about chunks of sirloin steaks now and not some minced beef patty…

Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich $14.90

For those with a more hearty appetite, Swensen’s Surf & Turf is sure to wow you over. Enjoying the best of both worlds, thick and juicy beef patty oozing with heavenly melted cheese, doubled up with succulent whole king prawns and crispy onion rings, meat lovers should not give this a miss. Not meant for the faint-hearted though.

Surf N Turf
Swensen’s Surf & Turf $17.90

Cheese lovers should indulge in the Swensen’s Crab Meat Baked Rice, featuring sweet delicate crab meat and savoury rice, smothered with lusciously creamy sauce and gooey melted cheese baked to a golden brown perfection. Delectable crab meat and rich luscious cheese made good companions to the otherwise simple rice feed and brings out a new flavour that cannot be easily imitate.

Baked Rice
Crab Meat Bake Rice $14.90

Craving for some pasta ? Caved in on the Spicy Seafood Paste with Grilled Scallops that’s tossed in spicy tomato cream sauce and served with fresh grilled large scallops, mussels and prawns. With a twinge of spice that the locals cannot do without and abundance of seafood enclosed, fans of Swensen’s are sure to get head over heels with this new offering.

Seafood Pasta
Spicy Seafood Pasta with Grilled Scallops $15.90

If you have been a faithful follower of Swensen’s, the Chilli Crab Pasta is a signature that will never be missed out on every outing there. Loving the extra spice that comes along with it and the crispy soft shell crab that signifies it, this pasta is a slight variation of the Spicy Seafood Pasta in a different twist and offers a good old orientation to all its food lovers.

Chilli Crab Pasta
Chili Crab Pasta $17.50

A trip to Swensen’s is never complete without desserts, so for those with a sweet-tooth disposition, relish in an intricating serving of Salted Gula Melaka Heaven. A sweet and salted combination with much relish, adding to the originality and aromatic fragrance of palm sugar. Complete with chocolate balls, diced almonds and chocolate morsels, the Salted Gula Melaka Heaven is nothing short of pure indulgence.

Salted Gula Melaka Heaven $9.90
Vanilla Soda Float

For a touch of the above tantalizing new treats from Swensen’s, pop down to an outlet near you today and pamper yourself with the array of drool-worthy appetizers, hearty mains and signature ice-cream treats !!

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