Experience Durian Mania from Cafe 2000 @ M Hotel Singapore for the month of July 2013 !

The season is here !!! Durian fanatics, you certainly won’t want to miss this out ! Cafe 2000 @ M Hotel Singapore is currently having a Durian Mania, exclusively for the month of July 2013 where you get to feast to your heart’s contents on quality D1 and D13 grades of durians…… on a free flow basis !! OMG, durian lovers must be beaming from eye to eye now, aren’t you ?! Hahaha!

Well, let’s save the best for the last, shall we ?

But just be warned first…..this post gonna be flooded with so much mouth-watering delicacies that I certainly hope your tummy is not going to stage a protest after reading. ^-^ Well, if it does, you jolly well know where you will be heading to for your dinner, don’t you ?

Of course, to the delights of many buffet lovers, a wide spread of international cuisine is a must at all hotels buffets. But how one tends to stand out from the other, is for sure, the quality of food, of which the chef’s innovation and the depth of indulgence towards the quality, is nothing short of a must.


International buffet starts at 6:30pm at Cafe 2000 of which there were packs of crowds already by the time I arrived at 10 minutes to 7.  The spread was so enormous that you might take sometime to digest what you need to be heading for, for a start.

The seafood section which comprises of a variety of fresh ocean catch such as the oysters, prawns, scallops, mussels and crabs, is a good choice to begin with.




The spread of seafood on ice are just so fresh to the core that a couple of oysters works wonders as refreshing appetizers to begin your hearty affair for the night.




The cheese baked lobster, is my favorite recommendation for the night.

If you had followed through my previous posts, you probably would have noticed that cheese baked mussels is a common sight in many of our home-cooked dinners. But lobsters are not readily available and being too pricey too, mussels made good substitutes. Hence, I was pleasantly delighted at this surprise dish served by the Chef. Though it’s an item on the ala carte menu, but you really ought to give it a try. The cheese that melted into the lobster meat is just too tempting for words.


Fresh Sashimi delights made divine choices for anyone desiring an alternative seafood indulgence. Slices of thick and fresh tuna and salmon fish are set to entice your appetite with more temptations.


Meat lovers, fret not, your rounds are here ! Ribs and roast, in both Western and traditional forms are available !





And if all these are not that enough for you yet, complete your meaty feast with some charcoal-grilled BBQ, available only on Fridays, Saturdays and eve of public holidays !

There’s a good selection of well-seasoned lamb racks, beef steaks, chicken wings and best of all, mackeral and squid otahs available for BBQ.





My initial thought of this BBQ section is that the meats will be brought to the kitchen to be grilled over a stove by the chefs. Apparently I am so so wrong. There’s a live BBQ section located outside the cafe where all you need is to handover your selections and the server will bring them back to you once they are done.


If you are looking into some good old fashioned local delights, head for the Mee Siam and Mee Rebus section where you get to choose all that you wish, to go into your unique bowl of noodles. Imagine incorporating fresh seafood in a traditional bowl  of noodles, it’s really creativity hemmed out of the wildest imagination. And guess what, this theme doesn’t come by often, it changes on a monthly basis and you probably would like to catch it before it goes away too soon.

Mee Collage

In addition, hand-picked your own selection of ingredients and made your own Rojak at the self-service counter. I always had mine with Youtiao alone embedded in lotsa sweet sauce and crushed peanuts.. how about you ?


Penang Chay Kway Teow is one of the Chef’s speciality at Cafe 2000. It’s not easy to cook a plate of good kway teow as you need to engage the wok on very high heat and constant stirred frying is necessary to ensure it does not stick to the work yet be able to generate that delicious aroma with just adequate oil that doesn’t make you feel all greasy after consumption. Looking at the presentation of the Penany kway teow itself, you would reckon that it fits the above bill well with such an authentic Penang style that only a very experienced chef will be able to manage that.


We were equally wowed over by the signature Chilli Crab, being the cafe’s theme for the previous month. The chilli crab gravy was rich and thick, compiled with a twinge of spice. A slight variation from our usual Chilli Crab served in a claypot style that would not failed to impress any crab lovers.

chilli crab

If the meal has been too hearty for you, complete it with an abundance of salads mixes that you could choose from a varied selection or made your own by having the fresh greens, dressing and add-ons in whatever series you desire it to be.


salads collage

Desserts have never been a miss for me at all buffets ! With the durian as the focus for the month, the durian pengat is a real hit among the diners. These little dainties are sweet introductions made up of real quality durians which I am pretty certain you won’t want to stop at one.

durian pemyat

The Chocolate Mousse Cake is built up on a base of crunchy wafer biscuits on an ultimately rich chocolate mousse decorated with fresh mango bites that surrounds the palate. It’s a divine concoction of a bitter-sweet dessert that just ends the meal on a high note.

chocolate mousse cake

For sure, some of the other desserts palates in the list running….

Desserts1 Collage






Desserts2 Collage

And among the wilderness, I found our childhood’s simplicity – Potong Ice-cream ! Just in case you might be wondering what’s a Potong ice-cream, it’s a rectangular block of ice-cream on a stick that comes in certain traditional flavours such as red bean, corn, coconut and durian.

potong icecream

Last but not least,we had the durians’ feast to our hearts’ contents at the alfresco dining area. Durians will be opened by the cafe’s staff, and all you really gotta do is to grab your plates of durians, settled down and indulge in them.




Durian Mania ! (only for the month of July 2013) is available at :
Cafe 2000 
M Hotel Singapore
81 Anson Road
Singapore 079908
International Buffet Dinner
Sunday to Thursday, 6.00pm – 10.30pm
$50++ Adult
$28++ Child
Seafood and BBQ Buffet Dinner
Friday, Saturday and Eve of Public Holidays, 6.00pm – 10.30pm
$62++ Adult
$32++ Child
For reservations and enquiries, please call 6500 6112.

Thank you, Lindy for the invitation and warm hospitality !



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