A Comfort Meal for One ? And yes, Chunky Cooky will be at Pasarbella @ The Grandstand Turf City on 13-14 July !

What happens when you are forced to stay indoors and all alone at home ?? Well, this happens to most of us during  the haze period and being the typical kiasee people as I am,  I literally ‘locked’ myself indoors for that entire weekend. And for one reason or another, I was all alone ! But that also translates to  more cook storms within the kitchen compound. Hmm.. ok.. maybe not so much for a storm since it’s for one only… maybe a little downpour perhaps ? And the lousy air conditions was the perfect reason for my laziness into even stepping to a nearby coffee shop for a bite.

It seriously isn’t too tough to cook for one, after all ? The reason we avoided cooking for one is always the economical value of it. The preparation time, the small portions involve and running the risk of wastage when you overcook. So for all that reasons, I make sure I could finish what I gonna cook and it’s gonna be all worth-it.

Half a cup of rice is all that’s needed. If you are a small eater, save the rest for the next meal or had it for fried rice the following day. Two different varieties will satisfy one nicely without the meal getting too bored.

Hence, I made myself a real simple fare of a Steamed Cod Fish and Scrambled Eggs with Prawns. Simple as it may seems, but it fits for one perfectly and surprisingly, filled myself for the entire day that I did not had any other meals thereafter.


I topped up my fish with mushrooms, scallions and red chillies, so the entire dish comprises of some vege contents without overloading the meal with a separate dish of greens which will be too much for one to consume.


A simple home-cooked contender’s meal which any kitchen noob can whipped up. And all done within a spam of half an hour.


Instead of instant noodles and canned food, these home-cooked fares sure made decent alternatives for considerations !


packing2And yes, something about Chunky Cooky is brewing….

It will be launching a new range of cookies’ flavours, such as the Coconut Almond Crunch, Cinnamon & Raisins and the less-sweet Chocolate Hazelnut & Cranberries cookies on the upcoming weekend market at Pasarbella @ The Grandstand Turf City on 13-14 July 2013 !

So if you are looking for a cookies fix, do come down and visit us !! Free sampling available too !! So mark down these dates on your calendar and see ya then !!

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