The House of Häagen-Dazs Unveils Secret Sensations Ice-cream with an Intimate Performance at an All-Exclusive Party Event !

Though I have been to several Häagen-Dazs events prior to these, most of them took place at the ice-cream palours itself. Such party of this kind is indeed my first !! Therefore, you can imagine my awkardness when I arrived at the party. I was seriously wowed over by the fantastic views, so taken aback by the elegant furnishing and most importantly, much pampered by the service and attention to details by what Häagen-Dazs has to offer. It’s a no-wonder that Häagen-Dazs has been championing as a market leader in the premium ice-cream market and I can be pretty sure that it will continue to emerge as one in the future too !

invitation card

The invitation card was sent out by mail and arrived just two days before the event. Initially, I was kind of puzzled as to why an invitation card by post is needed since an email is just a click away. But upon receiving the card, I guess I found the answer ! Other than it being an exclusive event, the invitation card was exquisite ! Embedded in a black envelope with gold-coloured fonts and prints, how should I put it…. it’s more delicately done than a wedding invitation ? ^-^

‘The House of Häagen-Dazs’ is the launch of the new luxury positioning for Häagen-Dazs. As what the invitation says, it will be an exclusive event with a intimate performance by a mystery singer specially flown in from the UK ! Wanna find out who ?? Read on !!!

After a check with Uncle Google, I gotten that the venue was actually a penthouse owned by bespoke furniture designer, Christopher Guy and all the artistic crafted furniture diplays in the penthouse are works of his own creations !! Talk about being talented !


I would love to get one of these for my house too ! I called it the princess’s couch !! Hahaha ! But I am pretty sure the price tag will turn me off too !! Grrr…..


 And I felt like I had stepped into an art gallery instead of someone’s home. Isn’t it ?

decor3Mirror mirror on the wall, tell me which ice-cream flavour had it all ? Hehehe.




Tastefully furnished had it all. I would love to own a house like this. Won’t you ?

Something I noticed as well… flowers are never a miss at all Häagen-Dazs events !! Here’s a nice lovely bouquet to begin with !!


And the piece of decor that charms beyond words…Simply perfect, isn’t it ?


And other than furnishing, you would be blown away by the fanatic views as well….


Totally unblocked !!!


Oh well…. I guess I should stop lamenting about my dream house now and head back to the event !


Other than the launch of “The House of Häagen-Dazs”, we are very honored to be invited to witness the official commemoration of the launch of its two new ice-cream flavours, being the Secret Sensations series, comprising of the Chocolate Fondant and Creme Brulee.

creme brulee

And these 2 ice-cream flavours are going to be concocted into bespoke cocktails specially crafted by mixologist Zachary De Git from the Tippling Club.



Here’s what you can be looking forward to :

drinks menu

We had both the mystic rouge and velvet aurora, which the latter proves to be a better choice.

Probably also the fact that we had it without the alcohol contents, it would all had tasted better with that.

Mystic Rouge

It must have been a nerve wracking issue to have ice-cream incorporated into the whole lots of alcohol and yet able to churn out something that’s unique and yet ice-creamy delicious.

Velvet Aurora

There were constant queues at the drinks bar, many of which are on the look-out for these unique concoctions which you probably won’t get to see them anywhere else !


And of course, what’s an ice-cream event without ice-cream ?! And being die-hard fans of Häagen-Dazs, we zoomed right to the ice-cream parlour the moment we arrived !

Strawberry ice-cream with colorful sprinkles !!
Vanilla and Macadamia ice-cream with chocolate rice.

My all-time favourite ice-cream flavours !! What are yours ??

On a side note…. the lady who’s holding these ice-cream cups for my photo-taking, claimed that she’s gonna be famous being a HAND model now coz HER HANDS are gonna be featured here !!! Lalallalla…. you know who you are huh… ^-^

Though it’s kind of weird that we started our meal with the desserts, but then we still had much room for food after all the exploration and roaming around the place. Hahaha. And when it finally comes…..

It’s gonna be gourmet delights from the award-winning Privé Group !!!

Mini Wagyu beef burgers

I gobbled like 4-5 of these little delicacies. The beef was so succulent and juicy and with them available in bite sizes, you couldn’t resist but it’s all too convenient to finish them up easily !!


If I didn’t recall wrongly, this should be the wild mushroom bite-size burger. Equally good too !!




Premium ice-cream, award-winning gourmet, glamorous environment…. you can expect the turn-out crowds to be…..



Indeed ! The hall was packed to the brim with at least a hundred or more guests after the sun sets…  Judging from the turn-up rate and the publicity Häagen-Dazs gonna received, the Secret Sensations series ice-cream is bound to be a hit !!

choco fondant

And other than the mystery singer which we gonna be touching on soon…. there’s this juggling act which kept our eyes wide-open in bewilderment.

ball performance

This guy is a genius ! How did he ever manage to walk around the hall with the crystal ball on his head, without it dropping off ? He attempted the same act on me.. but else, I haven’t even move abit, and the ball fell off ! What a disgrace ! Hahaha !


This ultra immense TV screen at the backdrop caught our attention with commercials by Häagen-Dazs in various movies over the years and we are supposed to guess the names of 5 such movies in order to win two pints of ice-cream monthly for the next one year !!! For sure, we cast our answers immediately and let’s  keep our fingers crossed and pray hard in await for the big draw !! Let the winners be us, pleassseee……

And finally….have you been waiting long ?? Hahhaa…

Here comes the mystery singer ~


Described by The Guardian newspaper as ‘one of the boldest young writers in pop’, the Hong Kong-born, UK-based Eurasian beauty perform her new single ~ Swimming Pool, exclusively at the event itself !!


The gig did not start with a bang. Instead, she made such a solemn appearance that none quite realised she’s the mystery singer  until her awesome voice starts to gather enormous crowds and got everyone attracted. She’s none other than Emma-Lee Moss, known by her stage name Emmy the Great !


In all, an awesome and extraordinary first-time experience for such party !! And kudos to Häagen-Dazs once more ! I am pretty confident that Häagen-Dazs will continue to pull itself off as the market leader in the premium ice-cream market by its quality food and established branding.

And if you are heading down to Häagen-Dazs today, do keep a lookout for their Secret Sensations ice-cream and be sure to grab one for a tasty indulgence !!

Picture sourced from Häagen-Dazs Singapore website.

For more new updates and offerings by Häagen-Dazs, please refer to its Facebook page :

Thanks to Peishan of  KULT3D for the warmly invitation !!  And a great day ahead for everyday !! ^-^

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