Singapore Blog Awards 2013 ~ Panasonic Best Cooking Blog Finalist Workshop

The main lead for the show today will be this huge baby, which I fondly addressed as the MO (not Military officer ok !), Microwave Oven for short. She will be appearing in much of the scenes that will be coming up. She’s almost like an all-rounder in the kitchen, bake, grill, steam, microwave, all that you ever need, she has it. MO has the ability to churn out hot piping meals in a matter of minutes and for someone who’s forever running short of time (me !!), MO’s presence is of crucial importance. ^-^

Panasonic microwave oven NN-SV30

And with great pleasure from the venue operator, we are proud to announce filming will take place at Onaka Restaurant and Wine Bar, located at Alexandra Retail Centre.

Let’s gather the rest of the crew, shall we ?

Here, we have the leading cast made up of Onaka’s Head Chef, Jason, and of course, the Sous Chef, Benson !!

head chef_1
Jason – Head Chef of Onaka Restaurant and Wine Bar
asst chef_1
Benson – Sous Chef of Onaka Restaurant and Wine Bar

And second to that, our team of strong supporting cast, comprising of the RC (Rice Cooker), and BD (BlenDer, not blunder ok!). Though they are supporting roles, but in real life, their importance does not pale in comparison to the MO, in particular the RC. Without her, we will never be able to fuel our Asian appetite with the staple food we need. BD works well as a supporting role, speeding up efficiency, saving time and increase productivity. Hence, we get to satisfy our hunger quicker and that generally make us happier people.

rice cooker
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MO is generally co-operative if you know how to handle her. Take caution not to introduce any metallic trays or non-microwave safe plasticware to MO as they pose as dangerous threats to her. Handle her with caution and you would be guarantee of delectable cuisine within a fraction of the time needed for normal cooking. Additional plus points of MO include its ability to retain moisture just like a steam function would do, but without the hassle of replacing the water when it burnt out.

And do you know you could fried shallots to a nice fragrance using MO as well ?


For a start, if you are not sure of how long it takes for your required portion, try it out on a 30-second to 1-minute block. Check on the status every half a minute or more to ensure that it does not get burnt.


Cook radish by steaming it to a soft texture until it could be mashed up. This generally takes about 5 to 6 minutes using the MO.

head chef_3

Mix all ingredients together on a deep serving dish for the final wave. Set the MO, and prepare your rumbling tummy for a good feast.

yam cake_1asst chef_2

And delicious Yam Pudding churned in less than 30 minutes ! As what Jason say, all palates are made expensive by its presentation, hence sprinkle generous amounts of sliced chillies and spring onions all over the yam cake.

yam cake_4

Nice to see, good to eat, without MO, you never get it !!! ^-^

Guess what Jason is doing with the potatoes now ?

head chef_4

He’s using a fork and poking holes all over them. This is to prevent the potatoes from “exploding” while they are being steamed in MO. Once the potatoes are steamed and softened, the skin could easily be peeled off with minimum effort. Thereby, saving the time needed to grate the potato skin manually.


Did you know that MO could work its functions equally well as a convection oven because it comes with a fan too ?

Combine the mashed potatoes with all other seasonings and top with grated cheese. Bake at a temperature of 200 degrees for 30 minutes and a nicely browned, crustily cheesey farmer pie is all yours !


Anything with lotsa cheese excites me. Have MO‘s capabilities won you over already ?


If not, here’s one more !

Using spring roll skin, Jason wrapped sugared apples with cinnamon seasoning, in a samosa-shaped pastry and bake them till they are crispy and crunchy, as if they have just been deep fried ! But without that oily grease and wall stains that you gotta clean up like mad thereafter. As healthy a dish as it could be !!


Served these Apple Pastilles with a dollop of ice-cream and you might just feel yourself in heavens !

RC is an almost an essential item in every Asian kitchen. Other than its basic functions to cook rice, the RC nowadays have innovate itself to such an extent, they can be used for almost any other purposes, brown rice, congee, soups, and even desserts !!

steam egg2

Using a fork instead of a sifter to remove the air bubbles will do the trick nicely. A sifter will only trap more air bubbles as they are poured through the air.

steam egg4

A renowned HK dessert ~ Ginger Egg Pudding. Smooth wobbly texture that will make you fall in love with it on first sip. Yes, you practically need to sip it because it’s so smooth that you won’t even need any chewing. Nobody would have guessed this is made using RC ! So now you know arh !! Start exploring the functions of your RC now ! And if you realise yours does not come with all these useful buttons, why not consider switching to a Panasonic RC today ?

steam egg3

After all the indulgence, surely you need some healthy drink to quench your thirst ?

BD comes into action now ! She has the ability to churn healthy drinks with a mere 10-seconds pulse on the button.

Tadah ! Onaka’s signature drink, the Onaka Living Green, comforts the bloating stomach with all its wholesome healthy components, especially the spirulina which is renowned for various health benefits, including anti-aging, promoting immunity, stamina inrease, health rejuvenation and so on.

            drinks1  drinks2

And guess what ?? Even if you did not get a chance to attend the exclusive workshop like the rest here, we are pleased to share with you all of the recipes that were presented with detailed working instructions !!


Last but not least, if you have that bit of time to spare, do help to cast a vote for Eat What Tonight under the following categories in the upcoming Singapore Blog Awards 2013 everyday till 23 June 2013 !! Lalalallala.

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Happy Mid-week !!




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